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metro’s cantilever span to be ready by november 4 - joining polycarbonate sheets

by:Cailong     2019-08-12
metro’s cantilever span to be ready by november 4  -  joining polycarbonate sheets
The 90-metre-
The long balanced cantilever span of the Kochi Metro viaduct will be an iconic landmark in Kerala, hovering over the tracks of the Ernakulam Junction railway station.
Officials at DMRC and Haryana say the curved structure is one of its kind on any subway corridor in the country and will be ready by November 4based S. P.
Singapore Architecture (
Pillar contractor-less span)
Tell the media on Monday. Aquamarine-
The span will be painted with Shanghai sapphire-blue (epoxy paint)
This will make the structure active for up to 20 years.
Except for three, the structure is ready.
The metre portion of the center of the span will be ready in a week.
The track and other equipment will then be laid for the extension of the Metro to tikodamm.
The span on the ground is up to 16 m, higher than the height of 5 m. Floor building. Tunnel-
Like the Box Section, which is about the height of the room, supports a huge span, which weighs from two 65-metre-
Long fixed span on both sides.
Each section is 3 metres long.
The total cost of the cantilever span and supporting beam of a total of 220 m is Rs 58. 110-km-
120 long cable
If connected together, the steel cable with pressure will be 110 km long, connecting the cantilever span with the girder.
"It is more or less like a suspension bridge supported by steel cables --
It's just that the cables are hidden under huge concrete blocks.
Two tower cranes have been deployed, each with a capacity of 5 tons and 6 tons, capable of reaching a distance of 50 m in order to put these parts in place.
The structure began work in January 2016 and took 34 months to complete.
This is mainly due to delays in obtaining land from the Southern Railway and to obtaining permission from the Railway Safety Commissioner.
As hundreds of passenger and freight trains collapsed, workers had to be more cautious
Through the railway line below
The existence of 25-
KV overhead lines are also considered.
To ensure the quality of the work and the quality of the work, the DMRC engineer was posted all-
Sources said the site was safe.
Prefabricated beams 220 away
The m structure on the side of the train station and next to Karshaka Road will be in place by December.
Unlike the rest of the metro viaduct, there will be steel guardrails on the side of the cantilever structure, and a polycarbonate plate on both sides.
"The long span of preparation is the most complex task along the subway --rail corridor.
Both ends must meet at the center of alignment.
High quality products
Strength concrete and pre-
"Emphasis is the most important thing," DMRC sources said . ".
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