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mexico's plastic pesos fit the bill - transparent window film

by:Cailong     2019-08-19
mexico\'s plastic pesos fit the bill  -  transparent window film
In Mexico, cash presents a shiny new face, and the government has introduced a better currency than the standard peso ---
Keep it dry and even help prevent the spread of bacteria.
Mexico recently launched plastic 20-
Peso banknotes are more durable than banknotes.
The production costs of these bills are higher, but are expected to be four times longer than the ordinary peso, which often becomes shabby after nine months.
The shift to plastic currencies began in Australia in 1988 and has spread to more than 20 countries, most of them-
Bangladesh, Thailand and Indonesia-
High humidity will make the bill wet.
Australia printed the currency for several countries and was hired to produce the first bills in Mexico.
Bruno garrov, marketing manager at Australian securities, which produces polymer films, said the new bill can be moisture-proof.
"In these countries, paper money can become very smelly and very shabby in a short period of time," he said . ".
"This is where the polymer notes really jump forward.
"Mexico is the first country in North America to try to innovate a currency that feels slippery. The 20-
The peso note worth about $2 looks the same as the note, with a blue background and a portrait of the respected 19th-century president, Bento Juarez.
They are flexible enough to fit in the wallet, but it's hard to crush and it's almost impossible to tear with your hands.
They also added protection against counterfeiting, including a transparent window with a 20-size engraved and an image with only two in their 20 s, which can only be seen in light.
When asked about the new currency, Noel Valdez, the hair salon manager at Tijuana, took out an old and new bill and sprayed water on both to prove his point.
The drops were soaked in pesos and rolled off the plastic bill.
As a colleague, Valdez said: "They will not get wet, they will not get dirty, and they will not tear . "
The staff at the Filenes salon made fun of the fact that he should do business for the bank.
"They are not so fragile.
Marisela Hernandez says the new security features will come in handy at her bakery in Avenida Revolucion, Tijuana, where she has seen more customers coming from
In order to check the fake notes, she had to draw a line on the bill and wait to see what color it became.
But in order to determine whether the polymer money is fake, all she has to do is lift it up and peek through a transparent window looking for 20 carved pieces.
David Mendoza, who sells newspapers and magazines at a nearby booth, predicts that other countries will follow this trend.
"It's more practical," he said . "
"If they can, why not?
"The United States has studied the currency but does not intend to change it," said Claudia Dickens, spokesman for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.
Dickens pointed out that the increased cost is a deterrent.
"For now, we will continue to use the cotton and hemp mixture," she said . ".
"But this is not to say that we will not consider polymer materials in the future.
"The Bank of Mexico may replace all of its notes, depending on the price of the new notes, according to Jaime Pacreu, head of the issue of the notes. The old 20-
The peso notes frequently changed hands and quickly deteriorated, leading banks to keep printing new cash.
The bank's website highlights plastic pesos, presents an enlarged picture that describes the benefits and warns users not to bind or burn them.
Bank officials say these bills are more hygienic than durability because they don't attract so many bacteria.
Despite the 50% increase in production costs, Pacreu said he was sure the bank would get its money.
It has issued 0. 178 billion new bills and began to collect paper bills.
Graciela Reyes is just a few steps away from the Tijuana border and sells blankets, statues and jewelry to tourists.
As long as the Bills are in her hands, she doesn't care if the bills are plastic or paper.
She said: "Money is money. it doesn't matter . "
"I just want to bring more tourists.
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