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micromachining delivers fine holes: ram precision brings molds in-house with makino edm option. - where to buy polycarbonate panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-24
micromachining delivers fine holes: ram precision brings molds in-house with makino edm option.  -  where to buy polycarbonate panels
From a distance, the hole is small and almost invisible.
But finally, the details of the transfer mold of the ceramic capacitor
Terminal electronics manufacturers reveal how special it is.
Old measures 6. 4" x 6.
6 ", in addition to the careful processing of the back, there are 7,850 holes to be processed.
Rudi Bauknecht Sr explained that it was indeed a precision machining challenge for his company.
Owner of Ram Precision.
He came to America. S.
About 50 years ago, it was from Germany as a young but trained tool manufacturer.
As a foreman, after years of working in many stores, he decided to strike and open his own.
That was 20 years ago.
For many years, old bauknat.
Ram Precision has been established in a store dedicated to providing injection molds and transfer molds for the electronics industry. Today.
Andy and his son.
, Run stores with a total of ten tool manufacturers.
After studying engineering in college, little Rudy
He has held sales engineering positions in several large companies, but he has returned to PA Horsham's home to help his father develop stores according to the needs of high-tech customers.
Business is also growing.
Very small hole solution Ram accuracy has always been high with
Over the years, terminal electronic components for the transfer mold of hardened tool steel used in the manufacture of ceramic capacitor compression molds have been produced.
These molds need special machine processing.
In fact, Rain had to send a fine on every mold until recently --
Shop for this job.
This means that Rain has very little control over delivery and very little control over manufacturing quality.
The store has been producing two different sizes of molds for the customer.
The smaller one is 4.
5 "x 5" with more than 3,600 fine holes in it.
Big measures 6. 4" x 6.
6 "there are 7,850 holes in it.
The hole diameter is 0.
012 "and" tolerance]+ or-]0.
0005 ", these molds require precision hole making capabilities that are not available in many stores today.
When the same customer ordered 15 of 10 molds to achieve Ram accuracy
Over the course of the week, both sides know it's time to find and invest in technology that will bring them jobs --
There is a risk of losing an order.
They approached mahino to find a solution and found it in the fine --
The EDM scheme of hole MakinoEdge2's extension card ball.
Rain Precision became the first store in the country to buy the item
Machining Technology of Rudi Sr.
Says enables them to participate-
Taste the house while reducing the cost delivery time.
Separate process Transport on these molds, moving them from one workshop to another, previously taking nearly two weeks during the manufacturing cycle.
With theEdge2, Ram Precision is able to do all the work
Processing holes at home, eliminating two
Get a week's transfer time from the process.
Edge2 EDM represents a significant investment in such a small shop, but Bauknechts believes it will soon pay for itself as customers place orders every six to eight months.
Through the machining hole, the stamping accuracy can reduce the actual fixed cost of each mold by 60%, and reduce the overall cost of each mold by 27%.
The cost saving time is also considerable.
On the larger molds, the delivery time was reduced by nearly 80% from nearly three to three days and a half.
On the small mold, turnaround reduced by nearly 85 percentage points from about two weeks to two days. Rudi Jr.
The main goal, he said, is to bring more automation into the store, unattended.
"We load all 16 tools into the tool changer at the end of each day and let it run all night.
When no one is here, I will stop at night or on weekends because I like to hear the sound of machine cutting. " Rudi Sr.
He said he was impressed that even if there was a problem with the electrode, the whole workpiece would not be destroyed: "Before you bend the tube and then cut the hole.
Automation and build-
In theEdge2's software, if there is a problem with the electrode, detect the situation and move to another tool.
So, we don't have to worry about it destroying our entire mold. " The fine-
The hole electrodes used by Ram Precision for this part are hollow copper tubes that allow coolant to pass through them.
Each tube is extremely 0.
The diameter is 0018 "and the inner diameter is 0. 00472"--
Or the diameter of human hair.
Ram accuracy averages about 50 holes per line before having to replace the tool, and is always looking for new applications to use Edge2 machines to cut holes as small as 0 to the maximum
According to Rudi Jr. , a promising area is expanding into the micro-machinery sector in the medical product industry.
The company also produces a variety of other equipment, including the Makino line EDM machine, another Makino sinker and three Makinovertical machining centers, in addition to 5 wet grinding and 8 dry grinding.
Adding Edge2 not only fined the store-
In addition, it adds another sinker EDM to the equipment line for additional work.
Part of the shop being fully produced is the same high-yield industrial blade
Terminal electronics manufacturers.
The size of the blade ranges from 5 "to 7" and the length is 1.
75 "height and 0. 038" wide.
These blades are used to cut polycarbonate materials for electronic parts.
Because the sheets are often 300
400 layer thickness, the blade must be very sharp and accurate, and must be sharp in order to be repetitive and maintain tolerances.
The blade is made of CPM-
10, a very tough powder steel with very good wear resistance, toughness and strength in all tool applications.
With tolerance 【+ or -]0.
001 "inch, Ram utilizes the various capabilities of its Makino equipment to refine its bladesand manufacturing of more than 12,000 per year. Rudi St.
Edge2 will also help them to increase the production of the blades as there are multiple processes required to make each blade.
For years, Ram Precision has been challenged by the price reduction of itscustomer.
In fact, the customer went to other stores and said they could do the blade with a fraction of the cost of Ram, but that hasn't been proven to be true yet and the customer will keep coming back.
Precision Mold manufacturing Ram Precision continues to manufacture molds for other injection molding and transfer application customers, including international customers.
Oneis is a factory in Mexico that produces parts of various molded production lines and requires complex molds with cavity rods, inserts, top caps and piston blocks at the top and bottom.
Mold products that are not suitable can close the entire production line. points out.
"Our customers used to waste time on their competitor's mold products, but our mold parts are suitable for work every time, so now they come to us every time for peace of mind. " Rudi Jr.
Ram 2 enables Ram Precision to generate more total revenue and reduce the labor cost by 33%.
In a store with only 10 tool manufacturers, this greatly reduces the cost.
He also said that in the near future, Ram will add another machining center in the workshop.
"When we add a machine, we want to be as innovative as possible, so we are able to maintain the same amount of work with our existing staff and fully integrate it into our workshops and production.
"The inherent automation of Makino machines will enable us to do this without any problem.
It's just a matter of time.
"Micro-processing time.
Ram Precision, www. rsleads. com/506tp-165 Makino,www. rsleads. com/506tp-
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