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mike young: from bedtime stories to big screen - pet film producer

by:Cailong     2019-07-05
mike young: from bedtime stories to big screen  -  pet film producer
Once upon a time, there was a bedtime story --
This is the beginning of a long career for TV and film producer Mike Young.
SuperTed was born in South Wales as a book and later became
Popular TV series on both sides of the Atlantic.
On November 1982, it was broadcast as one of the first shows of the Welsh language broadcaster s4 c, which was subsequently translated into English and broadcast on BBC one in the second year. Barry-
At the age of 70, he spent most of his working hours in California's animation production, working at an independent studio in Hollywood.
The former ad copy has now produced a topic --
The length animation, the specification of the North, his next film project is close to his heart-
Former legend about his beloved Cardiff City football club.
A bear, Young, who started in 1978, created a super story to read to Richard, his dark-scared stepson before going to bed.
But the story of crime
Solve superheroes with special power
Competitors like Pete, Texas
Soon more audiences were attracted.
"One day I went to the Country Hall to pick up Richard and they said 'We like the Super story' and I said 'How do you know that? '?
"They said," he always told us the story you told him last night '.
"Then we published a few books, wrote hundreds of books, and then S4C came along and they wanted at least one thing that could travel around the world --
"We became the first company to sell products to Disney and we never looked back.
"In the 1980 s, three TV series were dubbed by Derek Griffiths and Jon petvey.
Young also launched Welsh-
Help develop the language cartoon Wil Cwac for Fireman Sam.
Now, a new series of SuperTed is being planned, and Young wants to play in Wales with some of the original teams.
David Beckham and his wife Liz from Hollywood have created mcyoung.
It turned into Splash Entertainment.
Moved to Los Angeles in 1989.
In Hollywood, with a bigger competitor, he calls it "one of the stupidest and craziest decisions you can make ".
But the company is booming.
In addition to the collaboration, its animations include Chloe's wardrobe, diving for Olly Dive!
Hero: 108, growing into a world of reptiles, pet aliens, and toddlers.
Nosen's latest work "nosen's specification" is an animated feature film about polar bears "the norm of the North".
Nom can speak but won't hunt, he goes on a New York adventure with a group of lemurs and struggles with tourism development in the Arctic.
Although there is no big budget, the film uses the latest computer-generated images (CGI)technology.
"We want to do something financially, because I want independent people to have the opportunity to really come back to the industry," Young said . ".
"It's good to have Disney, Pixar, Universal and DreamWorks, but fundamentally they take a specific route, but we can take more risks in what we do.
"The film includes the voices of actors Rob Schneider and Bill NAII, who premiered in Wales earlier this week at the Market Hall Cinema in Blaenau Gwent Brynmawr.
Cardiff City fans are the right person for him to possibly live in California, but Cardiff City fan Yang is now filming a movie about one of the most colorful characters of the Bluebird. Friday (
The greatest player you have ever seen)
It's about Robin late Friday, who played 1980 Games in Cardiff and Reading before his 38-year-old death.
"He made George Best look like an angel," Yang said . "
"We have raised money for it and there are some big stars in it, it looks like we will be shooting in England or Ireland later this summer.
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