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millionaire ‘sugar daddy’ peter morgan handed keys to cops and told them £10,000-a-month escort’s body was in the shed, court hears - black plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-05
millionaire ‘sugar daddy’ peter morgan handed keys to cops and told them £10,000-a-month escort’s body was in the shed, court hears  -  black plastic sheeting
A millionaire admitted to killing him 10,000. a-
Escort his castle month-
Give him the key to her farm workshop to the police.
I heard about a murder trial.
Peter Morgan, a 54-year-old real estate tycoon who called himself "Sugar Dad", told police officers looking for missing Georgina Simmonds: "You need these keys --
She was locked in the toilet.
"Morgan is two married fathers from llanellen, near abergaveni, South Wales, who is three years old.
The court heard yesterday about its annual relationship with 25-year-old Georgina.
He allegedly strangled 25-year-old former burlesque actor Georgina Symonds in a bungalow in his castle.
Today's trial heard that he was "angry" about her plans to move to London to do escort work and plot a murder plot ".
The jury heard he called more than 500 of the listening devices he installed at her house.
The court heard him tie her body to a metal rod and carry the body from Llanmartin's Pencoed Castle in south Wales with his £ 52,000 Porsche Cayenne 4x4. Morgan -
Described as "obsession"
Then he drove the body to his farm for 15 miles and smashed it with plastic cloth in his workshop.
Newport criminal court heard Morgan tell police where he hid his body and when police searched him they found several sets of keys in his pocket.
Prosecutor William Hughes QC said: "He was searched and some keys were found in his pocket.
He said you needed those keys.
She's locked out.
He said calmly: "Peter Morgan commented without a request: 'I can't accept it.
I'm going to tell you that I strangled her this morning.
"The jury was told that officials went to the Biqi Hill Farm near Gwent Usk, where they found Georgina's body.
Mr. Hughes said: "The 100 yards from the main property is a building in a narrow driveway.
"Officials came to the workshop and began searching and found Georgina's body behind a large saw in the corner of the workshop.
"It is wrapped in black plastic, tied with a rope and fixed with tape.
"The Plastic packaging is also fixed on the metal bar, which is covered with extra plastic cloth in order to hide it.
"The officers couldn't see anything in the sheets, so they made a small incision and once they cut it, the officers saw the feet of the human body.
"Each leg of Georgina is individually tied to the lower leg with black tape, fixing the knee to the thigh --
This is done to ensure that Georgina's body fits comfortably in the size of the Porsche Cayenne boots.
He said of their relationship: "Morgan was asked about Georgina.
He said "I Love Her" and gave up everything for her.
"He said he had been married for 22 years, but in order to be with his wife Georgina, he gave up half of the company.
"They get along very well and will go out by bike and shop together. he will let her drive his car and they will go to dinner.
He said Georgina likes riding horses and sunbathing beds.
They spent a lot of time together.
The jury heard that Morgan started meeting Georgina while she was still with her former partner, Peter Diem.
Mr. Hughes said: "Morgan is not bothered by Georgina still seeing her predecessor, but from what she told him, he thinks there is no sexual relationship between them at this stage.
Morgan called herself Georgina's sugar dad, and he spoiled her.
The court heard Georgina's two-bedroom castle bungalow in Llanmartin Pencoed Lane.
Morgan owns the castle in the 12 th century. Georgina -who had a five-year-old daughter -
In a secret recording, someone heard that she wanted Morgan to sign the property for her and then planned to "give him wool ".
"It is said that he made hundreds of calls to the listening device, monitored Georgina, stored in his mobile phone, called" Isobel ", for up to two hours at a time.
Morgan called the number for the first time in November 9 and called 189 times that month.
He called 231 times in December and 94 times in January.
The night before she was charged with murder, when Miss Simmonds talked to her new boyfriend, Thomas Balinger, about a little while, Morgan called the device.
The juror heard that Morgan made a list when planning the murder, which read "SIM, gloves, sni, handle, tape, adapter ".
In an interview with the police, Morgan accepted responsibility for Miss symonds's death and added: "I don't know why I did this . ".
"He said he loved her and he gave up everything for her," Mr Hughes told the jury . ".
In November, her predecessor
Her boyfriend hanged herself and Georgina was angry with his death and sometimes blamed him for it.
"He said Georgina was drinking and taking cocaine, but after that she would be angry and hard to understand.
He said he wanted her to stop blaming him.
He said "I just did it" and then said "I didn't regret it when I did it ".
She was my life, he said.
I hate everything she goes through and maybe I think I will help her out.
Morgan told police that he arrived at the bungalow at ten o'clock A. M. and gave her 400 to pay for her municipal taxes and electricity bills.
Morgan told the police that she did not seem grateful and began to blame him.
The court heard that he strangled her with a hemp rope and then wrapped her body on the sheets and put it in his car.
"Someone asked Peter Morgan Georgina about herself," Mr. Hughes said . "
Mr Morgan replied, "I Love Her" and gave up everything for her.
The court heard that he made her a spa, placed her in a luxury hotel, took her in a helicopter and paid for the expensive liposuction.
Hear the father-Crown Court, Newportof-two Morgan -
Estranged from his wife Helen.
I have been recording her in a bungalow at his castle manor with a secret listening device.
He gave her up to 10,000. a-
Accompanied by his "exclusive" but worried that she wanted to meet other men.
Morgan told the police that he was "angry" about Georgina's intention to leave him ".
"In an interview with the police, Peter Morgan said he overheard a conversation with an unknown person.
"He said that once he signed her the cottage, she would leave him and go to London to do the escort work and continue to shake him the wool.
This angered Morgan, who began to consider ending the issue.
A jury of eight men and four women was told that she was worried that she would leave him as a "catalyst" for the killing ".
Speaking of her background, Mr. Hughes said: "She is a antics and her mother remembers her taking pole dancing classes.
"As an escort, she met client Peter Morgan during her career.
"At this stage she did not see other clients and he would use other escorts.
"But the relationship has grown from professional to more.
"He will treat her with gifts and spend a lot of money on her.
"On one occasion, he didn't want her to meet other clients and started paying her between £ 7,000 and £ 10,000 a month and letting her live in the property he owned.
Morgan, from Llanellen, near abergarvini, South Wales, denied the murder on January.
The trial continues and is expected to last three weeks.
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