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mobius led lantern - translucent mylar

by:Cailong     2019-07-26
mobius led lantern  -  translucent mylar
We describe how to build a color.
Change the lantern from two interlocking Mobius.
The Lantern will not illuminate enough space for you to read, but you can use it as a decorative lighting function to set the mood for parties or daily life.
You need the following materials :--thick semi-
Translucent Medlar-
Transparent fishing line or line-
Three-color LED, e. g. RGB-1WS--10-
100 ohm resistance (
Value ranging, Resistance Calculator)--Arduino board (
Or other micro controller)
USB cable for programming-battery (7. 2V Li-Ion 6600 mAh)
Program the Arduino board with additional code.
Note: You don't need to use the Arduino board, but you can use any other micro-controller. --
Attach the battery pack tape to the lower side of the board (
Ensure battery insulation)--
Tie the fishing line to three connector holes on the board--
Tie the three lines to the center above the boardIf, and if you can't access the laser cutter, print the template using additional files in pdf format.
Cut off two of Merah's.
If you can use a laser cutter, download the dxf file that comes with it and cut out two of the Mai La's. --
Connect a mobius band with an interlocking label--
Pass the second through the first and connect the label--
Make a hole in the fishing line--
Slide arduino into the lantern Center--
Pass the rope through the hole, as the top, fixed with a tight knot. This picture shows how big the lantern is and how it produces ambient lighting.
You can adjust the appearance of the lantern by wrapping the mylar strips more tightly (
These are about 24 ").
The lights shown in these images are 12 "by 8 ".
You made a Mobius lantern with discoloration!
You can enhance the system by adding sensing or other lighting features.
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