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Modern family cottage acknowledges the original building it replaces - translucent polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-14
Modern family cottage acknowledges the original building it replaces  -  translucent polycarbonate
The key to a successful major change is often to maintain some continuity and some tangible connection with the past.
When Mike Mulvagh took ownership of his 70 s motheryear-old timber-
The frame cabin, the need for a radical change, soon emerged.
Simple 1,000-square-
The walking structure on Lac Mecham, located about 75 kilometers northwest of downtown gatino, was carefully constructed in his 1940 s with the help of several beers.
But time, weather, and carpenter ants make the building impossible to sell.
Chip Crosby, Mulvagh's partner, said: "If you lean too hard against the wall, you may fall directly.
No option to decorate Hotel Ottawa
Growing up in New York-
Architects based on Mulvagh began to look for an architect who could offer a unique modern design while retaining the informal spirit of the original modest cabin.
In reverse symmetry, he found the correct chemical reaction of architect Paul kalinouka New York-
Growing up in Ottawa now
Professor at Carlton College of Architecture and urbanization.
A careful assessment of how the space was used resulted in the rabbit warren room of the original cottage giving way to a basic open layout with very few rooms inside.
Although it has now become a "modern architectural language" featuring the floor, the character of the Russians is continuousto-
Big window, says Kariouk.
As Mulvagh and Crosby regularly entertain family members from Ottawa and receive visits from New York friends, "the big main room with wood --
With the support of the long open Ikea kitchen, the burning stove extends to the back, and at the end of the day everyone can gather in this large space overlooking the lake.
"Like the original cabin, the windows surround the lake --
Facing the facade and the east side of the cottage.
But now they extend from the floor to the ceiling with a panoramic view of the water.
"When you're sitting on a couch facing a lake or working on a kitchen island, you can't see the coastline and only see the water," Mulvagh said . ".
"It gives you the feeling of being cantilever out on the lake, even though the building has been reset.
"Reading the window in the corner and the window at the end of the hall that separates the two bedrooms of the cottage also extends from the floor to the ceiling, ensuring visual contact with the landscape.
The location of the surround window is not the only memory of the original cabin.
After many design iterations, the new home is the same as the predecessor now demolished.
This includes an outdoor terrace that extends the large indoor room through the large sliding glass door.
Part of the terrace has a translucent polycarbonate triangle canopy, which is located on the beam and provides shelter for the main entrance.
Despite these memorable places, the new design is very modern both in style and in structure.
If the new roof shape is similar to the simple rectangle, the double-slope roof has been replaced by an almost flat roof.
Two very modest people. per-
Lean back means generous 9-
Follow the foot ceiling of the lake down the rear facing kitchen slightly.
Black or brown dyed pine side plate
White breaks the simple box, but with its low profile, it also minimizes its visible interference with the landscape.
It is equally important how it is built.
The remote location of the cottage means that the skilled labor required for standard buildings is difficult and expensive to commute every day.
"Minimize site costs
"While ensuring the highest building quality, we chose prefabricated components," said Kariouk . ".
Five selected processes-
Ply cross laminated wood (CLT): solid, glue-
Black spruce laminated panels produced in northern Quebec.
They are made in a size of 60 feet and provide their own structural support without being attached to any support frame.
The only exception is the huge glulam.
Laminated beams across the front of a large room.
Dry walls and mud are not required;
On the contrary, the exposed spruce surface has been completed in accordance with the "building standard", at least not dyed at present.
Detailed computer renderings for each unique panel
Walls, floors and roofs
The generation is to record all the cuts required for assembly as well as open service channels on the walls.
These digital specifications are then sent to the factory's computer.
Control milling machine.
Once cut, the parts are transported to the site by truck and assembled by GLP construction in less than two days.
The foundation of the cabin consists of 30 spiral piles (metal shafts known as technical columns) that are actually screwed into the ground and are made of steel I-
Beam grid at the top.
Subsequently, a transparent sealing device was installed on the CLT floor and walls and roofs were assembled.
From the lake, the cottage seems to sit seamlessly in four irregular places
Corner box size.
To accommodate the storage requirements of a typical seasonal cabin, these enclosed lower parts act as sheds.
"The cabin is really 21-
"Century cabins, bare spruce panels ensure a rich and warm atmosphere of historic wooden buildings," Kariouk said . ".
At the same time, "decoration" was avoided by leaving before
Exposure of grinding service channels.
For the client, the now durable cottage is open to the interior, with a view to the picturesque lake, as well as tangible connections to the past, providing the right counter for their very urban Manhattan apartment.
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