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monique keiran: insidious plastic is clogging our oceans - polyethylene terephthalate

by:Cailong     2019-07-28
monique keiran: insidious plastic is clogging our oceans  -  polyethylene terephthalate
We have been living with plastic since the 1950 s.
Their shelf life exceeds that of many other materials.
Our landfill proved that.
So is our ocean.
The waves are filled with plastic.
Since the discovery of the Pacific garbage belt in the 1980 s, we have learned more about the downstream effects of plastic habits.
A piece of floating plastic, chemical sludge and other debris, the patch is loosely rotated in the vortex in the North
Central Pacific.
It captures and collects endless long-term supplies every day
Wind, tides and water flows from the surrounding coastline and passing ships bring lasting waste.
Estimates of patch size often refer to Texas.
The Pacific Ocean is not unique.
Every ocean has its own garbage belt.
You can say that they are flush toilets on Earth, forever trying to flush out the nearly 20 million tons of plastic that the United Nations estimates we dump into the sea every year.
Birds, seals and other marine animals washed away with plastic soda.
A bracket or fishing line that can be ringed around the neck, foot or fin-like limb.
The researchers found that the internal organs of marine animals were filled with plastic.
This is the big plastic we can see.
Bags and bottles, cans and cans, toys and scooters.
Then there are some small things.
Measurement less than 1-
With a diameter of up to 5mm M, micro plastic enters the basin and Ocean directly through a sewage filter.
Tiny plastic particles are found in fish and shellfish.
Even in salt.
The researchers studied 16 kinds of sea salt evaporated from seawater.
Of the 15 brands, they found 1 to 10 particles per kilogram.
Put salt . . . . . . And plastic handed over.
At the end of last year, the federal government banned the use of plastic beads in cosmetics and toothpaste from 2018.
To date, Canada is one of the four countries that have taken this step.
However, beads are only a small part of the oceanPlastic Problem
Every time we wash the wool jacket or blanket, the fibers fall off and wash off from the drain.
Wool is made from polyester and polyester is also used to make water bottles.
Outdoor Patagonia
Clothing companies acknowledge that their products may increase the ocean
Plastic Problem
Its research shows that washing machines cause wool
The garment fiber is broken, which is the entrance of the micro-fiber into the basin.
Preliminary results show
Washing machine loaded with tumble clothes is more gentle in wool and environment than top
Loader for mechanically stirring clothes.
Ordinary garbage is another source of tiny plastic.
Plastics do not break down, but some of them break down or break up after being exposed to heat, sunlight or time. (
Think about the elasticity of the aging underwear belt.
One day, it is useful to do its work faithfully;
The next day, the old faithful slipped from behind you. )
For this purpose, biodegradable plastics have been designed.
The biodegradable grocery bag you put in your car with garbage will suddenly break down into a dime.
Put months of hard-skinned paper towels and candy wrappers into the passenger's bodyside footwell.
However, United Nations researchers recently reported that biodegradable plastics require industrial raw materials and prolonged exposure to temperatures around 50 °c for decomposition.
Apart from my car, this means that these plastics are rarely broken down in cold water.
If they do it eventually, they can't solve the problem.
They just added synthetic soup to the ocean.
Efforts and research are underway to clean up marine waste.
A Norwegian oil billionaire has recently announced that he will underwrite junk bonds.
A Dutch startup is working on how to passively collect waste from the ocean stream.
Taking into account the scope of the ocean and the scope of the problem, some lonely boats and seas-
It seems not enough to filter the network.
Especially if we can't handle the plastic from the source. which is us.
Stop selling bottled water in Butte Garden.
Victoria again considered banning singles.
Use plastic shopping bags.
We all have to look at all of our plastic uses.
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