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Montreal International Jazz Festival 2013: Vieux Farka Touré, at Club Soda, July 3 - where to buy pet tape

by:Cailong     2019-07-28
Montreal International Jazz Festival 2013: Vieux Farka Touré, at Club Soda, July 3  -  where to buy pet tape
Not-Viye Falka Toure. so-
The son of the late great mariblues guitarist Ali faka Toure, on Wednesday night a quiet, contented man took to the wet stage of the Soda Club.
The 32-year-old Toure told the embattled club: "This is not my first time here-I know the public very well here," Mercury reminded me of one night in the capital of Mali, Bamako.
He said in French, "it's very hot. it's good . ".
His quartet is a sun.
Colorful rainbow, everyone in the traditional full set of clothing
Length "boubou" tunics.
They created beautiful scenery on hot nights.
The turquoise of Dole.
His electric rhythm guitarist at burnt sienna
His blue bassist.
On the floor, his drummer was with the gourd with Rich lilac flowers.
The sound is loud but absolutely uplifting.
Toure has returned to the same space since his last Jazz festival performance in 2009, at his 90-
Most of the minutes released in May are his new records.
To pay tribute to his father's fans, he also played the last track Diaraby at the Du Lei Pere's Grammy Awards --
Win 1994 collaboration with American guitarist Ry Cooder
This is one of my favorite albums, from pop music
Last night, the smiling crowd swayed in the Soda Club, a favorite of many other Monterey people.
As early as 2000, when Toure pié left the family farm in nyafenk, central Mali, and came to tyre massenneve for a performance during Francois falls, I wrote: the farmer, Toure, broadcast the Blues for two hours.
This is a kind of swing, applause, shouting and praise that the Quebec audience has gained.
The audience of his son was a microcosm on Wednesday.
Tour é fils does not have the advantage of more musicians (dad has a six-ensemble) and Rovio Traoré's accompaniment.
But he has the talent, and that's the most important thing, to squeeze the bubbling lick out of his electric cut Yamaha guitar and the sea Army --
Blue electric Godin made just in Quebec.
Before finishing, he encouraged the crowd to buy his album at the door, telling them that ten per cent of the $20 price helped support his pet business: the plight of an orphan in Mali.
There was no mention of the Islamist insurgency's occupation of Timbuktu and other cities in the north last year, which almost destroyed his home and is now partially controlled by UN forces.
"I'm here for entertainment," Toure told the audience . ".
He added rather awkwardly: "Every time I come here, I'm happy when I leave.
He made it more clear: "It's true that I want to come back . "”Us, too.
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