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Motor racing - IndyCar to use 'Aeroscreen' cockpit protection - polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-01
Motor racing - IndyCar to use \'Aeroscreen\' cockpit protection  -  polycarbonate
Indycar believes that the concept of Aeroscreen is more suitable for their series and is considered the most dangerous open form
Racing, than the halo system used in f1.
Red Bull's design will include a polycarbonate laminated screen with spray-proof
Anti-reflective coating
Fog device, may tearoffs.
The titanium frame will be installed in three areas around the cockpit.
IndyCar plays on the street, on the road and on the oval, like 2.
5-mile-long Indiana highway, home to Indiana 500 on Sunday, where cars sometimes drive carsto-
The wheels travel at speeds close to 230 miles per hour.
The Fullscreen concept was designed to allow the driver to survive the killing of Justin Wilson in 2015, when his helmet was hit by a piece of debris during the race.
"Since the development and presentation of the first prototype in 2016, when a frontal collision occurs in the cockpit area of the car, Aeroscreen has the potential to improve the safety of the driver, red Bull Advanced Technology CEO and head of the Red Bull team Christian Horner said in a statement.
When f1 forced its Halo launch in 2018, racing traditionalists criticized it for changing the look of the car.
IndyCar says it takes aesthetic issues into account and thinks it has caught people's attention
Pleasant design will be the new industry standard for driver protection.
"This car was designed in reverse in the first place of aesthetics and the second place of performance. . .
"It has a fighter jet," said Jay Frye, president of IndyCar . ".
IndyCar has been developing a cockpit protection system and tested last year with the concept of windshield, including
Track meetings that determine additional work is required before implementation.
The data from these tests are passed on to Red Bull's advanced technology for the development of current designs.
"Our IndyCar driver has always wanted to make sure that it would be a great thing if we did run something, not something in a hurry, A veteran indyCar without a good test, Scott Dixon, said he was 2008 Indy 500 and 5-
Time series champion
"We 've seen other versions already, but I think that covers all the basics.
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