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, mt eden - plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-23
, mt eden  -  plastic sheet
I told them I didn't want a ballpoint pen.
I hate cheap plastic giveaways.
I can't help but think about the environmental impact of their manufacturing and disposal.
Anyway, who needs another pen with the name of the business on it?
They just messed up the drawers in the kitchen and you put some where you couldn't think of a better place.
It doesn't work when you really want a pen, and you end up writing the phone number in the dust on the window.
But the new Satya branch insisted on coming.
"Look," said the good man, pulling a small metal stick.
A small plastic sheet that opens and takes back, like the little Dutch blind.
It contains highlights in the menu, contact details for all four (count 'em)
Branches and promises, if I can take out my pen while taking out, I will get "free papadam or surprise free gift ".
There is no doubt that the free surprise gift is made of plastic.
It may even be a pen with a small plastic sheet that is opened and recovered. . .
You know what I mean.
But I would never know, because when we walked back to our car, I showed my companion Tom how the little plastic pieces were untied and did not retract.
When I was writing, the clean pen lay on my desk, and its internal organs curled up next to it.
I stared at it and wondered how many trees I needed to plant before I proved it was reasonable to introduce it into waste logistics.
I would not have thought that Satya needed such a promotion.
As long as I remember, it has always been the benchmark for the operation of Indian restaurants in town.
From the humble beginning of the Sandringham store, it extends to Hobson Street, which is now the demolished block.
There, founder Swamy and Padmaja Akuthota hosted-
She is in the kitchen. he is in front of the house.
This is the second restaurant I commented on for these pages and I gave it five stars.
It seems afterwards that such a reaction may have been untemperamental, but I was very excited to find an Indian restaurant with a menu other than butter chicken and lamb rogan josh.
Since then, Satya has expanded
There are branches in Great North Road and K Road-
The new branch follows the established recipe: same menu, similar decoration (
The ceiling was covered by a large drooping silk).
Akuthota empire is as modest as this couple-
Not like Mughal Shah, especially because of the emphasis on South Indian food.
By contrast, klimanier and fat Persian-
Food in South India is influenced by the cooking of the Northern Wood Netherlands, reflecting its tropical origin: the taste is stronger, brighter and lighter --and hotter.
In Satya, the Heat won't scare you away (
They will make you tikka masala like the original Glasgow).
But it would be much smarter for you to try the specials in the house.
The starting point always has to be masala dosa for me (
Crispy Pancakes, folded over mild potatoesand-
Onion curry with a bowl of tomato and lentil soup (called sambar) and a rich flavor of coconut.
But my friend Tom, who is an American and a fan of the Phillies, may think that hot dogs are exotic, so I have to broaden his horizons:
Delicious coconut and green beans;
Prawns made of tomatoes and coconuts, Madras-style lamb curry, cinnamon and coriander.
We cleaned it with Kingfisher beer and imported it from Papakura, where it was produced according to the license.
The place was very quiet when we went, but it didn't last long: the only decent place nearby was the French cafe.
Drink a pint of beer in Galbraith and stroll down the mountain as the sun goes down.
But when they give you this pen, say no.
You can eat mine.
Need to know the value: $ = $20-$40; $$ = 40-60; $$$ = $60+. (
The price guide reflects three lessons for one person without a drink. )
Restaurants in South India (
Located near the Royal Oak Ring Island, 754 manucau Road, Ph 09 624 5859, is a well-received newcomer.
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