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mumbai news: plastic ban turns into extortion as inspectors fine permitted items too | mumbai news - times of india - film packaging material

by:Cailong     2019-07-12
mumbai news: plastic ban turns into extortion as inspectors fine permitted items too | mumbai news - times of india  -  film packaging material
Mumbai: The day after the ban-
The use of plastic in the state proves that citizens are willing to adapt to the situation of stopping the use of plastic bags.
There is a lack of choice for packaging materials, which is still a thorn.
The biggest risk of the ban, however, comes from its unfair enforcement, which quickly falls into extortion.
Citizen inspectors walked around the eastern suburbs on Sunday and fined items that were not on the list.
Chembur, Ghatkopar and Mulund's shopping center stores are punished by Rs 5,000 per person for reusable plastic buckets used to store marshmallows and kulfi wrappers packaged by manufacturers
The manager of the candy line store said, "We were shocked when 30 inspectors came to our booth and asked us to come up with 5,000 rupees for the plastic device containing the candy line.
When we tried to argue, they said they would charge us Rs 5,000 each of the five boxes equivalent to Rs 25,000.
So we apologized to them and paid the Rs 5,000 they originally requested.
"BMC said that it turned out that its efforts were successful because only 8% of all the institutions they checked were found to have banned the use of plastic.
But the city is still groping for cheap and viable plastic alternatives.
At the wedding reception at Bhandup on Saturday night, single
You can see a lot with plastic.
"Many of the spoons and plates used during dinner are made of plastic," one guest said . ".
Citizens and businesses are generating input costs, some of which will fuel inflation.
High Point restaurant in Andheri Lokhandwala Complex was forced to purchase 200 metal cans for door-to-door delivery of sambhar and chutney at a price of Rs 90 per metal tank145.
They also bought cloth bags, and while they were reusable and lasted for two years, they rejected the thick cloth bags.
A grocer at the Siddhivinayak store in mulongde West said, "brown paper bags are 82 rupees or 2 rupees per kilogram. 25 each.
We may restrict them from buying high-value products.
"Traders who desperately seek alternatives have not got any answers from the state.
The question they are asking now is
Compostable or non
Plastic bags marked "I am not plastic" used by large chain stores or shopping malls.
"If it does work, why don't the government recommend it to other traders?
Or just a label.
Who proved its authenticity?
Is the inspector capable of distinguishing, or will they distinguish by face value?
Asked Sanjay Gala, who is in charge of the Andheri East Traders Association.
On the ground, shopping on Sunday was affected by a plastic ban.
Due to the easy soaking of paper and cloth bags, the public restricted the shopping list.
There are fewer people in Hypercity Vashi.
Here, fruits and vegetables are packed in biodegradable plastic rolls and brown paper bags.
Foil boxes are used for meat and fish.
Company chicken like Zorabian is sold in plastic pallets and plastic wrap as before.
Almost everyone carries a cloth bag.
At meat stores in Manpada, Thane, Mulund and Kalyan, some buyers came with their own containers on Sunday.
"Lamb and chicken can't be wrapped in old newspapers.
Brown paper bags taste
This is the only option, "said K Basu from Kalyan.
Sellers selling vegetables and fruits on the roadside no longer give plastic bags.
"We are sitting in the open air and will be the first to be found," said a tomato seller on J. Nehru Road, west of mulongde.
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