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Mumbai: Tired of garbage choking nullahs, civic body to cover open drains - polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-01
Mumbai: Tired of garbage choking nullahs, civic body to cover open drains  -  polycarbonate
As part of the pilot project completed in 2018, BMC decided to cover the zero layer with polycarbonate tablets.
BMC covers Pancholia and Asha Nagar nullahs of Kandivali to prevent people from throwing garbage at them and is now considering the same solution for some other nullahs
Many of Mumbai's Newland, which opened during the monsoon, serve as a drainage outlet for rain.
But because the garbage blocked them, BMC decided to cover Neola with a polycarbonate tablet in a pilot project completed in 2018.
Mulund's Nanepada nullah was originally intended to benefit from this project, but Asha Nagar nullah replaced it.
A total of 110 metres of polycarbonate and a half
Round sheets on Pancholia and Asha Nagar nullahs with openings every 10 m.
These openings allow the pipe to be opened for cleaning.
"The project will prevent garbage from being thrown into the sewer or blocked.
BMC will be ready for it, "said an official at BMC.
But while the body of the citizen did not consider preventing a blockage in Newland, private institutions asked BMC to see this as a beautification project.
In addition, companies and residents also require a ban on local taxes in various parts of the city.
"There are 260 of the main Nura and 465 of the secondary.
"The roof cannot be placed on Newland where machines are required to pull garbage out of the roof," an official said . ".
He added that dashisar, Bosa, oshivara and MITI also have rivers and need the same treatment.
The environmental department is not allowed to place any covering on the river.
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