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mylar film x96 usage in vivid range of applications - heat resistant polyester film

by:Cailong     2019-07-29
mylar film x96 usage in vivid range of applications  -  heat resistant polyester film
These films, through a variety of articles, such as Mera tapes, can easily find their market position (
Tape using the Mela film)
Food packaging, even battery manufacturing.
In 1970, Mela became the best-selling film of DuPont.
As explained, they are actually polyester films using Mylar as a trademark.
The advantages of the membrane 1.
They are very strong compared to cellophane. 2.
They have great chemical resistance to X-ray.
Their chemical stability is also well known. 3.
They retain any liquid or powder content for a long time, mainly because of their effect on X-ray effects. 4.
It maintains a strict point-to-point thickness with negligible deviations. 5.
In addition to some very low levels of pollution, it is mainly resistant to any low level of pollution. 6.
Ionization radiation does not affect these films and they have a certain elasticity for decomposition. Applications 1.
Food packaging business :-a.
Food materials packed with Mela film prevent oxidation.
The film also maintains the aroma of food. b.
A smooth matte used as an attractive surface on certain sweet dishes is obtained using a Mela film. c.
There are also white Medlar on the market, especially in dairy products. d.
Mylar has extraordinary heat resistance and is therefore suitable for food that will be baked or stored in the oven. 2.
Paper cover :-a.
They are used as covers on the map, drawing on the map and not even damaging it. b.
They are used on the cover of a book and also on cloth to form a shiny surface. c.
They are also used as protective covers on buttons and badges. d.
Due to the use of Mylar film, the photo also obtained a smooth surface on it. e.
They are used to protect important documents such as medical laboratory reports. f.
These films are used to store comic books for a long time to protect them from harsh and changing environmental conditions. 3.
Used as an insulating material.
They are used as protective covers on the inner wall of the house for the main purpose of reflecting heat. b.
They are used as thermal insulation for indoor gardening. c.
They are used as fire exits because they are heat resistant. 4.
Other applications.
They have their use in making kites. b.
To prevent damage to the glass, they are used to cover the glass.
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