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mylar films: different applications and uses - mylar plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-23
mylar films: different applications and uses  -  mylar plastic sheets
It has many uses in different places.
Once they roll out at makret, they will soon replace the cellophane used earlier.
Mylar sheets are stronger than celophane and resistant to many other natural forces.
Packaging :-
In addition to this film, we can also add a layer of metal to make it more reflective.
It can even prevent the food from being exposed to infrared rays and therefore is used as a food packaging material.
Further improve the sealing capacity.
Solar cooker also uses it.
Mylar reflective material is very good.
It is used in the fire of thought.
It can be used in agriculture to protect plants from direct sunlight, because plants are not damaged and can also be protected from sunlight.
Mylar film can reflect up to 92% of the sun.
It is also used for glass windows to prevent scratches. Electronics: -
LCD TV, CRT, plasma TV and other electronic products are made of pull film.
More glass, Mylar film coating is to prevent
Reflective and anti-glare.
For data storage devices such as floppy disks, audio CDs, hard disks, etc.
Speakers, microphones, and film materials are all made from this material.
Because it fits perfectly, it is used in printing technology.
It can keep its footprints for a long time.
It includes inkjet printing, laser printing, screen printing, digital printing, etc.
It is used to make a blueprint for any legal document. Medical: -
This film is in medical x-
Light and packaging.
The test strip is also made of Mylar film. Industrial: -
As Mylar film can withstand up to 178.
83 degrees Celsius, therefore used in industrial applications.
It is also economical for industrial use.
It is used for insulation because it is electrically isolated in all environments. Marines:-
It is used for high performance marine applications.
Used for the construction of sails. Other: -
In order to make artificial nails, the woman used Mylar material in the salon.
It stayed for a long time, so any freeze.
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