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mylar films: solving different purposes - clear mylar film roll

by:Cailong     2019-07-19
mylar films: solving different purposes  -  clear mylar film roll
These leaves roll in different directions.
There are 5 types of cards available and 4 types of finishes available.
Different types of Mylar films are moralized coated, joined the treaty,-
Static, smooth.
The various finishes of Mylar film are clear, foggy, white and black.
Its thickness is from 11.
Five, uh, almost 350.
These products are used for electronic, packaging, industrial, marine, solar applications.
With high rigidity, reflective performance, tensile strength, Mylar is the best place to save documents.
These films reflect up to 85% of the sun and even UV and infrared rays.
These movies can be added even in extreme circumstances.
So scientists also use it to do experiments.
These films are not contaminated with water or gas.
In cold and warm conditions, Mylar film is a good insulating material.
Mylar also has a variety of other features, namely high, low shrinkage, high stability, high wear in different directions
Power, low friction coefficient.
There are many sizes and colors to choose from for the Mela film.
To change its roughness and finish, the desired substance can be added.
These materials also add to its use, adding new properties.
Different types of chemicals and inorganic materials can be added.
These films are eco-friendly polymers.
This is also one of the main reasons why they are consumed in large quantities.
This is eco-friendly because it does not contain heavy metals, does not contain plasticizer, does not contain
Toxic and safe.
These polymers are very light.
Therefore, it is necessary to replace the heavy-
Weighted materials such as metal.
The main advantage of this polymer is that it can be recycled.
Because of its advantages, applications from it are increasing.
More and more new things are being prepared, and this material is a replacement for many other materials.
You can't ignore the importance of plastic in your daily life.
Polyester is a substitute for this coating, which is used to increase the life of any fragile material or beautify a variety of display objects.
Mylar film is one of the best-selling products on the market because of its diverse physical and chemical properties.
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