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mylar now a practical sailcloth - buy polyester film

by:Cailong     2019-07-08
mylar now a practical sailcloth  -  buy polyester film
1979 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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After several years of testing, the first breakthrough in canvas in the past 25 years has become a reality.
Mylar canvas has been developed and it is very strong but very light and is now better than Dacron and can be used for disposable sailing sails and Genoa sailing boats on sea racing yachts.
"Mylar is the first breakthrough since Dacron," Peter F . "
Maim, head of canvas Research, North sailing manufacturer, Stratford, Connecticut.
Ted Hood, Marblehead, Mass
The sailing manufacturer agreed.
He said that mela is "the best thing after a metal sail.
Metal can make the fastest sail and work like an airplane wing.
But this is not practical.
With Mylar, not only will the sail be better, but the price will be much cheaper, Mahr said.
The sailors will need fewer sails, and in a few years the Mela sails will be cheaper than polyester.
He said that it is 11% expensive at present.
Mylar is the commercial name of polyester film.
The Mela sail is made of two layers of Mela with polyester or nylon cloth between them.
Mahr explained that the improvement of the adhesive solved the early layering problem and made the finished material softer.
Advertising is banned at the Olympics because Mylar canvas is not yet popular, and its use has been banned in 1980 Olympic sailing competitions.
The international yacht racing alliance recently ruled against using it in the one design category, including Olympic ships, to achieve this goal.
The exception is those classes that agree to allow.
Mahr said that the 12-meter yacht used in the Copa America race, as well as the 6-meter and 505-meter-class vessels, could use the Mela sail because their class rules had been allowed. The I. Y. R. U.
According to international maritime rules, it is forbidden that Mylar does not apply to ships competing.
Speaking at the South Ocean competition meeting this winter, Hood said, "there may be 20 of the hottest ships that will be using malagib . ".
In today's State of Art, The Mera canvas is far from the first Mera sail hanging in 1950s.
The early Mela sail was pure Mela and it was easy to tear apart.
This is combined with an earlier ban on non-woven sail materials, "killing interest in Mela within 15 years. ” says Mahr.
Lighter than dacrlighter's latest Mylar canvas is an open fabric laminated between two layers of Mylar.
In the North loft, Mahr tests its strength by piercing a hole in the cloth and connecting the metal hook to the strength meter.
When pulling, the meter shows the pressure required to tear the sail.
But instead of tearing it apart, the new melabre bent the metal hook.
Mahr said that not only is the Mela sail durable, but also has better performance.
Mylar cloth can be much lighter than a polyester sail but still has the same performance.
On the contrary, if the Mera sail and the polyester sail have the same weight, the Mera sail can be used with a wider range of wind speeds, which is an important factor in Genoas.
Therefore, the sailor can choose to reduce the weight or replace the sail less.
Mahr asserts that the shape of the sail is critical to performance and that when it comes to maintaining its shape, the Mela sail is "much better than polyester ".
He pointed out, "in the Star class, the top sailors have a new set of sails for every game.
The old ones may look beautiful, but they don't have the same performance features as they did when they were brand new.
On the other hand, a set of melafan should last for a season or two on Star.
"Although Mahr estimates that in the normal use of the northern climate, the sailboat manufacturer is not sure how long the Mela sail will last, and the Mela sail may become brittle due to exposure to the sun, and failed in five seasons.
But as Hood points out, "You can't test these things in the lab.
They have to do it on board because the material is so new that there is not much record yet.
"For the traditionalists, as you scan the boats on the water, more and more of the use of the Mela sail will soon emerge.
One will see, rather than a white sail, the sail will flash and reflect light, depending on the sun, or it will look almost transparent.
James Grant in Greenwich, Connecticut
Regarded as a father of grade 40 in New York, he was awarded 1979 Ned Anderson trophy for his outstanding contribution to Long Island Sound Yacht Racing Association sailing.
This season's best long-range racing performance de Kursi falls trophy was won by Jack Sinto of the Riverside Yacht Club, who is driving stanghong of the 34 th Petersen.
Etchells No. 22 Sailor Bob Kirtland from the Manhattan Bay Yacht Club won the Bull Bay Trophy, setting the best design record. E.
Wesley Oliver, Jr.
Members of the New York Yacht Club were chosen as brigadier general to replace Grant.
A representative of the US Coast Guard and marine sanitary equipment manufacturers will review the new federal sanitary equipment regulations on Saturday at Shane's marine, 4365 Austin Avenue, Los Angeles Island ParkI.
Starting at 10, four two-hour workshops were arranged. M.
The regulation entered into force on January.
30, 1980 and owners of vessels not equipped with qualified equipment will be fined $2,000.
A version of this file was printed on the S7 page of The New York edition on November 25, 1979, with the title: Mylar is now a practical canvas.
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