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mylar sheet: best among all - mylar polyester film

by:Cailong     2019-07-17
mylar sheet:  best among all  -  mylar polyester film
The name of this thing is usually a polyester film or a plastic film.
The plastic sheet is the general term for any polymer that is caldered, squeezed or cast into a film as a material.
There are many kinds of plastic films to be used today.
They are made in a variety of styles and finishes.
There are a lot of Mella sheets on the market today, such as ordinary,-
Treaty of Accession and metal-coated fences.
The different types of Mylar sheets used are white, transparent, high, low to moderate and foggy, black.
The thickness of the Mylar sheet is different. 0005 "to .
014 micron or 12 "or 350 Micron.
Mylar film is ideal for a wide range of uses, including envelopes, printing supplies, cutting, layered defense shield barriers, clothing and other commercial applications.
It should be staggered for insulation and winding as well as for low temperature application windows.
Because its inherent physical properties are very useful, it is the first choice for good plastic properties.
Mylar is a polyester board with excellent design. It non-Half shiny
One side is transparent.
This paper is reversed.
Static and accept lead or ink, erase severe and provide excellent dimensional stability.
Widely used for commercial, drawing and construction purposes.
Mylar polyester film and film are static in water and act as a moisture barrier in addition to not being affected by oil, grease and almost all aromatic compounds.
Even when used under difficult conditions, Mylar polyester sheets or film will maintain its performance better and keep it difficult, clear and elastic73.
33 °c to more than 148.
88 ° C, and considering that there is no Mela polyester plasticizer, it is clear that under various conditions, it will not become brittle or gold over time.
Mylar is sometimes pronounced "miler ".
Mylar mirror can be prepared from the stock roll of metallized Mylar
Mela's money is earned by depositing aluminum on one side of Mela.
They are a good reflection outside.
Every direction is not a real mirror.
Just a shiny exterior cool.
Mylar is one of the best sellers of polyester board business.
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