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mylar sheet with lots of uses in your indoor garden - polyester transparency film

by:Cailong     2019-07-02
mylar sheet with lots of uses in your indoor garden  -  polyester transparency film
This is a trade name mainly used in terephthalate, referring to two-way polyethylene in the United States and the United Kingdom (BOPET).
It is also sometimes called Hostaphan or Melinex, the other two most common names.
Its main features are its large Mylar electrical insulation, transparency, reflectivity, chemical stability, tensile strength, and fragrance and gas barrier.
It is commonly referred to as polyester film, created by DuPont in early 1950.
Due to its excellent durability, heat resistance and strength to use cellophane, cellophane steadily gave way to Mylar in 1960 seconds.
What material does it help the growth of plants?
Mylar sheets are ideal materials to help plant growth due to their high reflective properties.
Apply the leaves to the walls and floors, let the light bounce around the room, and create as much light as possible for the plant to absorb.
A large number of available Mella sheets usually include white backing to prevent minimal light leakage and are very durable due to the strength she has.
The premium is the fragrance barrier inside the material and can also prevent odor leakage acres, ideal if you use the medlar inside to grow.
In any indoor planting, usually the more light you can provide, the more production you can get in a row.
It is the best polyester fiber for indoor garden with the properties of reflecting and absorbing light.
You can reflect the excess light back on the exterior wall of the garden.
In this way, you can reflect the excess heat and will certainly help keep the garden cool.
When it comes to winter, the Mela sheets can keep your garden by reflecting the heat inside the garden.
If you are planning to use the Mela sheets in your garden, then make sure it is done correctly.
If it is not installed correctly, then it will not be able to solve the purpose of reflecting the light.
These sheets are resistant to heat and dust, which will undoubtedly increase the safety of your garden.
What are you waiting for, go to your indoor garden and buy these wonderful things.
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