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nagpur airport has leaking roof problem | nagpur news - times of india - polycarbonate sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-31
nagpur airport has leaking roof problem | nagpur news - times of india  -  polycarbonate sheet
Nagpur: the relocation of Nagpur airport to get the sun caused the roof to leak.
In 2008, when the airport was renovated, it was planned to install a skylight system on the roof of the terminal building.
The purpose is to save electricity during the day by using sunlight instead of electricity.
The skylight is a system in which open patches are left on the roof, covered with transparent polycarbonate sheets so that the sun will pass through it.
This eliminates the need to turn on the lights during the day.
However, unless the quality of the material is qualified, it will expand in the summer and leave a gap after the final contraction.
Officials of Mihan India Limited (MIL)
The state government company that manages the airport admitted that the leak was caused by inferior materials used in the paper.
"This leads to leaks in every rainy season and airport management has to scramble to do repairs.
It leaked when it rained on Wednesday night and Thursday.
Sometimes there is no choice but to put the barrels under the leaking area until further repairs are made, "said an airport source.
"Over the past five years, management has ended up spending money close to the Rs7 lakh to plug the leak that continues to occur.
Even if repairs are underway now, it is expected that the leak will be blocked soon.
If better quality materials are used, there may be very few leaks.
"There are other places where the skylight system is installed but there is no leakage," the source said . ".
"Similar sunroof systems have been installed in seven other airports renovated in about the same period, and leakage is a major problem everywhere," said another official involved in airport infrastructure maintenance . ".
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