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nevada museum of art to launch $1.5m (u.s.) space balloon amid criticism - polyester film

by:Cailong     2019-07-15
nevada museum of art to launch $1.5m (u.s.) space balloon amid criticism  -  polyester film
A museum in Nevada says it will send a Diamond
Create sculptures in space, visible to the naked eye at night.
Nevada Museum of Art is $1. 5 million (U. S. )
According to the Renault Gazette, the project will be launched from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on Monday.
But on Earth, it is not smooth sailing, some scientists think it is annoying, it is a stain in the night sky.
"If everyone likes a piece of art, then it may not work," said museum spokeswoman Amanda Horn . ".
"But if people talk about it, then it has achieved its goal.
It's doing what it should. ”The 30-meter-
The long sculpture will be stuffed in the parcel of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.
Sculpture of self
Balloons explode from the package and remain in orbit for about 60 days before burning.
It is made of polyester film.
Like the material, it will look like sparkling at night.
It will run around the Earth every 90 minutes, and most nights pass through the Renault area.
The "Orbital Reflector" project is the idea of Berlin --
Artist Trevor pagron said the project was "a provocation designed ".
"This is an opportunity to think about outer space, the geopolitics of the sky, and the militarized orbit of the Earth," he wrote in an article . ".
"This is a project about public space and a project about who can exercise power and terms on our planetary shared space.
In fact, it has angered some people.
"Adding such another satellite, nothing but what many purposeful satellites in orbit have already looked like.
Or many natural phenomena are already fascinating.
This is a completely empty statement of art, "Mark McCuller, senior consultant for science and exploration at the European Space Agency, tweeted in August.
Donations from Kickstarter events and museum donors have funded the project.
People can track balloons using app Star Walk 2.
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