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new 10 pound note release date: everything you need to know about the tenner featuring jane austen - transparent window film

by:Cailong     2019-08-19
new 10 pound note release date: everything you need to know about the tenner featuring jane austen  -  transparent window film
The new polymer £ 10 note will be available on Thursday, September 14.
Featuring the face of author Jane Austin, this plastic banknote is the first British banknote to provide tactile information for the blind and some visually impaired.
Like last year's new 5 pound note, the new slightly smaller note is made of durable polymers that will survive the washing machine.
Everything you need to know about the new tenner is: why is this note better?
Not only can you sprinkle coffee on it, put it in your jeans pocket and then go through the washing machine, this note is more accessible to the disabled and has new safety features.
A series of raised points will help the blind and vision
Notes of different values can be compromised, while transparent windows and Big Ben with gold foil make it harder to fake notes.
The note also has "Micro
Under the portrait of the Queen is engraved with small letters and numbers that can only be seen under a microscope, a holographic photo of feathers and crowned crowns from purple to orange, looking 3D and multiple
The color when the notes are tilted.
Why is Jane ostenon like this?
Jane Austin is a writer of the 19 th century, he used the classic novel "Pride and Prejudice" and many sharp satire books set in Georgia and England to bring us the famous between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett.
July marks 200 anniversary of her death.
Austin was buried in Winchester Cathedral in 1817, and she wrote many of the best works.
Famous works in Chanton village, Hampshire.
"10 pounds means a lot to Jane Austin, just as 1,000 pounds means to us today," said Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, in issuing new notes in Winchester.
Austin's first novel received a £ 10 advance from the publisher.
The novelist's fans were both angry and happy when they announced the note with the quote "I announced after all that I didn't read such enjoyment!
This sentence comes from
The character despised in Pride and Prejudice, he just wanted to impress potential suitors.
Unfortunately, for vegetarians, the new tenner contains traces of animal fat, the so-called tallow, just like last year's new fiver.
The new £ 20 note is also expected to be made using animal fat in 2020.
What is the cost?
Clearly, for consumers, the value of the new 10-pound note is 10.
However, the transformation of bank cash machines, railway ticket vending machines and automatic ticket vending machines
According to CMS Payment, service tills and other vending machines may cost up to £ 0. 236 billion for new notes.
When will the old paper dealer stop bidding?
The existing £ 10 note featuring Charles Darwin will stop fiat currency in the first half of next year.
The specific date will be announced at least three months in advance.
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