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New Bans on Foam Products Worry Mobil : Firm's Ads Take On Environmental Concerns - pet polymer

by:Cailong     2019-08-14
New Bans on Foam Products Worry Mobil : Firm\'s Ads Take On Environmental Concerns  -  pet polymer
The country's garbage crisis has created a public relations nightmare for companies that supply foam egg boxes, Big Mac containers and salad bar boxes.
Bright-colored plastic
The base product praised as a miracle container has been on the list of green activists for its strong power and ability to keep heat, and politicians are rushing to sign off to anti-environmental activistsfoam laws.
From Suffolk County on Long Island to Albany's state cafeteria, to the Capitol in New Jersey, lawmakers have claimed victory in their campaign against crispy foam packaging.
All the attention was focused on the workers of Mobil Chemical Co. nervous.
"People are using Suffolk County to get Berkeley to change, then Los Angeles, and so on," said Mobil executive Robert Barrett, who is in charge of protecting the bubble.
Jobs at StakeMobil is spending tens of thousands of dollars on a well-planned public relations campaign to slow the spread of illegal laws using foam containers. Through full-
Newspaper and magazine ads titled "Fast bubble"
Food containers: scapegoat, not problem "and" proposed Suffolk plastic ban: a mistake ---
"This is not a solution," says Mobil, who says plastic foam is not an important part of the solid waste crisis.
At Canandaigua, 25 miles southeast of Rochester, the work of 675 workers in Mobil is clearly pending as the Battle of the bubble unfolds across the country's city councils and state legislatures.
Other Mobil factories in Covington, Georgia. ; Temple, Texas; Frankfort, Ill. ;
Merged with Becker sfield to produce one
The country's third egg box and foam containers for millions of restaurants.
"I hope they can produce other products," Richard Kessel, chairman of the New York consumer protection committee, said of Mobil . ".
"We were overwhelmed by our own packaging. . . .
We are going to the supermarket and put two paper bags in plastic bags.
Kessel joined Gov.
On June 9, Mario Cuomo announced an experimental foam recycling program at the McDonald's branch in downstate, saying he favored the "planning phase --
"Out" in all foam packaging ".
"They have time to think about making alternative materials," says Kessel . ".
Last year, a barge carrying long island garbage sailed at sea for several months, but failed. it was widely reported that it was trying to unload 3,100 tons of garbage, and environmental activists won the battle to ban bubbles. Anti-
Foam activists note that foam containers are not biodegradable, they take up a lot of landfill space, and the possible pollution caused by incineration.
Foam Manufacturers have also been criticized for using fluorine-containing carbon (such as Freon) as a foaming agent during production.
These chemicals have been shown to run out of the Earth's ozone layer.
The wax at the Mobil counter-and plastic-
Coated paper container that will replace polystyrene in no-
Foam communities are also poor in terms of biodegradable.
Barrett insists that foam containers account for only 2% of the garbage in landfill sites, far below paper, glass and other plastics.
In addition, Mobil's scientists say the foam does not release harmful chemicals when it burns correctly.
Mobil believes that there is no reason to worry about fluorine-containing carbon, because the industry as a whole is at a stage --
Remove from the product.
"My biggest obstacle is people's misconceptions about plastic," Barrett said . ".
"You have activists who say plastic can't be recycled.
This cannot be further from the truth.
"Plastic recycling is soft-
Beverage bottle industry, where is-
Plastic landscape tie and other products known as PET Polymer bottle melt.
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