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new darjeeling toy train to offer 360 degrees sightseeing experience - polycarbonate sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-31
new darjeeling toy train to offer 360 degrees sightseeing experience  -  polycarbonate sheet
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The five-
Inspired by the Swiss panoramic railway, the coach train will initially run between the New Jalpaiguri and Kurseong (TOI Photo)
New Delhi: Indian version of the world famous panoramic railway-
British Railway Corporation and Swiss Railway Corporation
All ready.
To mark 127 anniversary of the first flight of the Grand Ridge heritage train in August 23, 1880, India will launch its first ever Shatabdi with a transparent roof. The five-
Coach Training, inspired by the Swiss panoramic railway and a feast for tourists who want to enjoy the original beauty of the 360-degree View Ridge, will initially run between the New Jalpaiguri and Kurseong.
The train will cover 40 people, tentatively for Princess Hill.
A three-hour trip.
Once the entire 90-
The km extension of the narrow rail track is repaired and the train will run all the way to dayridge.
The journey takes six hours.
Rajesh Agrawal, executive director, told TOI (heritage)
The Ministry of Railways says the new Shatabdi will have three improved features --
Better interior design
House entertainment system and a fully transparent roof with larger side windows to enjoy the surroundings for free.
Agrawal said: "The design of this Shatabadi car is inspired by the Swiss panoramic railway.
At present, tourists and daily travelers are experiencing rickety backs.
From NJP-Kurseong.
Now they will really enjoy this amazing journey while relaxing in the recliner and eating snacks. " The see-
The roof is made of scratches.
In the famous Kurduwadi railway workshop, which is located between Pune and shaolapur, there is a certified polycarbonate sheet.
G. Ravisudhan, engineering manager at Kurduwadi, told TOI, "this narrow rail train will be the first to use a more powerful air brake system instead of the current air brake system.
Vacuum brake.
The wide view window on the side will be 1 m instead of today. 7 metres.
Chief mechanical officer of the North
V. K. Jha of the eastern Xinjiang railway said, "We have indirect two coaches from the car and are waiting for the other three.
There are 16 seats in the first class and 32 in the second class.
"According to Agrawal, the new Shatabdi will adopt the 2 feet narrow rail currently used by DHR.
It will depart from NJP, 100 above sea level, and climb up 2,200 at dayridge.
Although the train will pass through all 14 stations, it will only stop at Kurseong once.
"We want a non
Stop service from NJPDarjeeling.
So the way the track time is made is that when the two trains cross, DHR will wait for Shatabdi to pass, "Agrawal added.
DHR was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999, when only a second railway was awarded the honor, and the first railway was the seminglin railway in Austria in 1998. kounteya.
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