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new display 'as clear as a glossy magazine' - transparent polycarbonate sheet price

by:Cailong     2019-08-20
new display \'as clear as a glossy magazine\'  -  transparent polycarbonate sheet price
Barry Fox's prototype still
The image display unveiled this week at the National Gallery of London looks far from ready for the commercial street, but Hewlett-
Pacard believes in revolutionary liquid
The crystal display technology it developed will eventually lead to ultra-high
A resolution tablet screen ranging from a magazine page to an advertising billboard.
More importantly, they will use less power than a normal LCD screen and can be manufactured using cheap printing technology.
The giant TV screen hanging on the Wall has disappeared from the lab and the electronic display shows as a small electronic display
Book screens, but they cannot match the resolution of the color printing process used in magazines and books.
The traditional computer screen can only manage 1600 by 1200 pixels, even high
Hd TV monitors create their images with an array of up to 1080 pixels in 1920.
Now, HP thinks it can produce A4-
7000x5000 pixel size screen-match the quality of the glossy magazine.
HP says it will be able to replicate this quality on the screen all the way to large electronic posters and billboards.
In a standard LCD battery, the LCD layer is sandwiched between two polarized filters.
Normally, the continuous layer of the liquid crystal is distorted in a way that rotates through a polarized light of 90 degrees.
But apply an electric field on the cells and the crystals are arranged so that they no longer rotate the light and the cells open.
In order to keep the pixels on or off, the transistor must provide a "refresh" current of 50 or 60 times per second.
This transistor is expensive and consumes power during refresh.
HP's new screen is different.
It depends on a strange discovery by engineers.
When the liquid crystal is in contact with a polymer "column" less than Micron (see graphic), the rod-
Like the natural alignment of the liquid crystal around the pillars in one of the two directions & the colon;
Horizontal, or spiraling upwards around the post.
Apply electric fields to position them from the horizontal (a dark pixel)to tilted (a lit pixel).
It is crucial that both states are stable, so when the magnetic field is removed, the liquid crystal stays in their position.
This means that the screen does not power up once the image is displayed.
HP calls the new system a two-way column liquid crystal with post-alignment (PABN)LCD.
To make it, print plates covered with sub-arrays
Apply Micron pits with transparent polymer ink and affix them on transparent polycarbonate plastic paper to form a forest of polymer columns.
The paper is covered with red, green and blue filters and thin metal electrodes.
Print the second piece of transparent paper with an electrode, liquid-
The crystal material is sandwiched between the two.
The crystal is attached to the pillar and the electrode provides an electric field to flip the crystal.
The traditional LCD pixel area has thousands of stickers, giving the display a very high resolution.
At this week's London conference, HP showed two by 3-4
Cm prototype
A constantly refreshed by new color images to show how to change the display about once per second, as expected when opening an email pagemagazine.
The other monitor only provides power to the backlight.
The last image it received was frozen on the screen and there was no need for power to maintain it.
There is no denying that the image on the prototype is rough with obvious flaws and faulty pixels.
But HP stressed that PABN will not be available soon.
On the contrary, the demonstration proves that the technology is effective.
Adrian gesso, display research manager at HP Labs in Bristol, UK, said that screens that open the magazine's scale of communication should be possible within five years.
"Power consumption will depend on how fast you open the page," he said . ".
Geisow estimates the cost of manufacturing PABN
Based on the screen will be-
Fifth, today's LCD flat screen.
The speed at which posts change status is expected to increase, so video-
Capable versions are not excluded.
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