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night of hell when bodies fell from the sky like black rain - black plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-04
night of hell when bodies fell from the sky like black rain  -  black plastic sheeting
The beautiful countryside around Lake Constance is the backdrop of a host school for mentally retarded children, the area is far from the stress of modern life where they can live and learn in peace.
Yesterday, we were told that the peace was broken in the night when the body "fell like a black rain.
Despite the efforts of more than 800 emergency workers to find victims, some residents of these vulnerable communities, managed by the Camphill charity, witnessed frustrating scenes, including the remains of some of the victims.
"The children heard the plane collided and saw the debris falling from the sky," said relatives of a young man in a settlement in Brachenreuthe.
"Like an earthquake.
My brother who lived there called me tearfully for what happened.
The area was blocked and they brought all mentally retarded children together for a long period of discussion about what they saw.
These people are fragile and they are very painful.
"Some of the bodies are just outside the famous boarding school, Salem International College.
A young female student said the students ran out to try to provide first aid to any survivors.
When they got there, they found two bodies and an engine of the plane in the wild.
The gardener of Wolfgang Steiner landed at Tupolev at the tail of another child's family at 200 m, saying: "We stumbled upon the dean of the five bodies that were in the field.
A broken neck, a 1 feet missing but no blood.
I always said to myself, 'Why is there no blood?
They are adults, but they look too small lying in that field.
The beautiful resort town of Überlingen, which consists of 20,000 people, is in collision.
When they heard about the first crash, people said they thought it was a thunderstorm.
"But when we looked up at the sky, it was lit up by a huge red light," Taxi Driver Klaus said . ".
Then everything is black.
Then they heard the sound of the metal scraping.
Within seconds of the collision, a picture
The landscape of books has become a scene of hell.
Witnesses said there was a fireball and debris that was raining.
Debris falls on 25-mile radius.
Surprisingly, no one was injured on the ground, but the first people on the scene talked about seeing residents stand in the garden in shock and stare at the burning debris around them. Klaus-
Dieter Schindler, from Irwin village, where the Russian plane crashed, said: "I was lying in bed and saw a fire in the sky and ran to the balcony.
Behind the forest, it looks like a fireworks show.
In the light of the fire, I saw the wreckage falling.
It looks like a black rain.
"The impact has been traumatic for urban residents.
A Catholic priest from Irwin said: "Everyone here is in a state of shock.
The wreckage of the plane, including the personal belongings of the passengers, such as the toothpaste tube in Russia, crashed into my neighbor's farmhouse.
Silvia Fisher, also from Irwin, said: "When my son hears" Thunder ", he rides his bike to see what he can do for anyone who is injured.
But when he got there he saw that they were all dead and he turned back.
There is nothing he can do about them.
"When Margaret Rentz heard the sound of a thunderstorm, she was awake all the time.
Our house trembled.
I heard a bang.
Then there were explosions and fireballs.
One wing and six wings
The landing gear of the Russian charter plane has landed on the next-
Door yard, cut the top of the tree, rest on the tree 10 yards from the house, leaving 13-year-
The little girl and her parents are safe and sound.
Yesterday throughout the area, when local authorities worked hard to establish a temporary morgue, the body was covered with black plastic cloth, where it was found.
Another local woman said she watched her teenage son stand next to her from her balcony when the plane landed.
"I saw a fireball fall 200 from where I was standing," she said . ".
"It's like an earthquake," he said.
All the windows are shaking.
47-year-old Dirk Dieter, who was changing baby diapers shortly before midnight, looked up and saw a huge fireball.
He said: "I immediately thought of a terrible thing happening . "
When he went out, a large chunk of the landing gear was only a few feet away from his home.
Claus bahrainka ferry, 42
The captain said, "the sky lit up at once.
It looks like the sky is on fire.
A caller from a German radio station said: "What I saw was a large dark orange light that lasted for a few seconds. The size changed, first big, then small.
"On the ground, rescuers use infrared cameras to search for body parts.
Halald Warner, near fridges shafen, a police spokesman.
"As far as we know, no one was injured on the ground," he said.
With so many pieces falling in such a place, it is a miracle that no one is injured.
Police chief of Baden, Erwin Hedger
In the middle, wooltenberg said.
Yesterday afternoon, more than 20 bodies and large numbers of remains were found in 57 locations.
Workers also found flight data recorders from cockpit voice recorders of aircraft and cargo planes.
More than 20 ships search for body parts, debris and signs of pollution on Lake Constance, which is common to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
As night fell, ships and small fleet of helicopters suspended their search for more remains until today.
Many have expressed concern that the crash may have contaminated the surrounding waterways.
Three other major posts.
War aviation accident in Germany
In the 1972 incident, an Ilyushin aircraft operated by East German airlines Interflug crashed shortly after taking off from sheenfield airport in Berlin, with all 156 passengers and crew
On 1958, a plane carrying members of the United football team took off in cold conditions after refueling, and 23 people were killed at Munich airport.
On 1968, a British Spyker plane crashed on a highway between Munich and Nuremberg, killing 48 people.
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