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night terror - rigid plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-12
night terror  -  rigid plastic sheet
The doctor inserted the syringe into my neck, drew blood and sprayed it into a cylindrical container.
Then he sat firmly in my chest and made a precise cut around my eyelids and attem. . . 1.
The doctor inserted the syringe into my neck, drew blood and sprayed it into a cylindrical container.
Then he sat firmly in my chest, made a precise cut around my eyelids, and tried to get my eyeballs out in a quick action.
I could see his round face, crooked teeth, shiny black eyes, perched under thick eyebrows.
There was a small muscle beating above his clenched chin.
His doctor's white robe slapped me and nailed my arm down.
Only the stench of sweat and the deep inhalation of the tortured lungs. Mine.
In my ear, a drum and a distant scream, like a seagull being slaughtered in the middleflight.
My brain commands the Phantom organs.
I saw them from the corners of my bloodshot eyes: my arms, my legs, like stranded whales, blue, rubber, useless. I scream.
I punched him but he avoided my thrust and returned to the dark background.
I won't chase.
Doors and windows are locked and alarm systems are everywhere.
He had no chance.
He turned to steam, appeared next to me on the bed, dressed in robes, with his eyes closed and a satisfied smile on his face.
This is my only chance.
I turned to my side and recovered the movement and I was relieved.
I grabbed his slender neck.
I felt his pulse: it was fast and irregular. I squeeze. He grunts. And harder.
He grabbed my forearm and me fish.
Some things are wrong.
Doctors never complain.
Every night, when he carefully peeled off the skin on my face, he didn't make any sound except for hiccups breathing.
When he pulled his teeth one by one, castrated me again and again, and injected detergent into my broken blood vessels, he was silent and skilled in doing so. I hesitate. "Max! " Her voice. "Max! Wake up!
"I didn't fall asleep, so I couldn't wake up.
The doctor was there, in our bed, and was in danger for both of us.
I must kill him at last. "Max!
You had another nightmare!
Please, you hurt me!
"The doctor's head turned around and behind his flat skull was a face of Sarah, my lover and my friend. I recoil. I let go.
My heart threatens to break through the ribs and skin, it buzzes in my ears, my brain, my eye socket, the jugular veins I invade. I sleep. 2.
Sarah, her bag was packed and my red fingerprint stained the white color of her skin and she cried.
I reached out for her, but she retreated in horror, with her nostrils open, her eyes moist, and her nerves tense above her clenched chin.
"I'm afraid of you. " -
She said the sound was flat.
"I did not mean it. " -
She shrugged as I was unable to protest: "Yesterday, I thought I would die.
"Her hand involuntarily opened fire on her neck, stroking the sore bruises, and I tried to strangled her at night.
"It's him, you know, it's a doctor. " She shudders.
"I saw him again yesterday.
As ever, trimmed, covered, covered, elegant.
He injected me with burnt things, not phenol, and I would die.
It's something else. " "It's over. " -
Sarah said her eyes were hanging low, and it sounded unconvinced.
"He's still alive. " -I reason -
"They didn't catch him, you know.
They said he was in Argentina.
"No matter where he is, he can't do anything to you.
She went forward, her palm stretched out towards my cheek, and thought more clearly, and took her tattered suitcase and left. 3.
Again, the doctor used a hard plastic tube to cross the large vein on my leg towards my ovary. I am a woman.
I'm going to disinfect.
The doctor squatted at the foot of my bed and checked my private part with great interest.
There is a green liquid in the giant piston attached to the IV bracket.
He was satisfied.
He waved a glittering surgical knife and sliced my abdomen.
He took out a square organ plagued by bloody mucus, my uterus, and examined it thoroughly.
Blood everywhere.
I can see my intestines curled up in the cavity and wrapped tightly with opaque and pulsating sheets.
I have two ribs under my oversized heart.
My breath, Sears.
I chose to be a woman tonight.
I want him to relax instead of being vigilant.
I want him to immerse himself in rearranging my organs, taking them apart and planting them in turn.
I want him to forget himself in my body sandbox.
He leaned against me to study if my left breast was breastfeeding. It is not.
I reached out to get the subcutaneous tissue and separated it with a quick move.
I stuck it on his neck.
I press the piston.
The doctor giggled.
He sobbed.
When his senses were dull and his body became weak, he looked at me intently.
Blood everywhere.
The doctor submerged my blood and his blood, a forbidden mixture, in it. 4.
Did the police say he was a doctor?
"I don't know.
The burly policeman scribbled on his old note.
The psychiatrist sat in her stuffed armchair and said, "Why are you asking?
She is a skinny blonde with high heels and plates.
Size pendant for work.
The police sighed and slid a picture of the crime scene over the digging surface of the desk.
"It's difficult to watch.
I hope you haven't had breakfast. " -He quipped.
When she absorbed the details, she covered her mouth with a delicate, wrinkled hand.
"I can explain. " -
She really threw the photo back to her interlocutor.
"Then go," he said.
"My patient was wearing a white doctor's robe because one of his changes was a Nazi camp doctor.
The police blinked: "Sorry ? "
"My patient is a Polish Jew.
He spent three years in concentration camps including Auschwitz.
"I have heard of Auschwitz. " -
The police said smug.
"There, he and his young wife, Sarah, received medical experiments conducted by Nazi doctors in white robes.
"Medical experiments?
"Believe me, you don't want to know the details. " -
It's the psychiatrist's turn-upmanship.
But the police officer insisted.
They had a sterilization operation for his wife.
At first, they injected some substance into her ovary through the vein on her leg.
Then they pulled out what was left of her uterus and her reproductive system.
She was awake all the time.
They did not use preservatives.
She died of infection in extreme pain.
The police coughed nervously.
"In the early 1945 s, when my patient was liberated, he had a series of mental health problems.
One of them is the identity disorder of separation, formerly known as multiple personality disorder.
The police scribbled something and mumbled to themselves.
He made three changes.
In other words, his original personality is divided into at least three parts: the original him, the other part that assumes the identity of his dead wife, and the part that becomes the Doctor who tortured them.
Over the past few years, he has filmed scenes of their imprisonment every night.
The doctor will come to him about an hour after he falls asleep and perform various operations on his body. " "Jesus! " -
The police blurted out and looked pale.
"This is the so-called" night terror '.
The subject fell asleep.
You can't wake him up.
But he believed he was sober and experienced extreme terror.
Usually he can't even react because he's temporarily paralyzed.
We call it "sleep paralysis", but, how did he commit suicide if he couldn't move?
Apparently suicide.
We found the syringe.
Only his fingerprints are on it.
We found the pharmacy he bought.
He injected himself with some sort of acidic household detergent.
Yes, it was suicide. " -
The psychiatrist agreed, closed his eyes and rubbed his temples.
"As he grew older, he also developed a rapid eye movement disorder.
This means that after he is paralyzed by night terror, he is actually able to implement it later in his sleep.
He plays the doctor, he plays himself as the resistance doctor, and he plays the wife dismember by the doctor.
He was wounded many times, waving a knife and a syringe.
You can find all admission forms in his file.
I gave him back. depressants. We talked. Nothing helped.
He can't help.
Some patients can't help. " -
Her voice trembled. 5.
I killed him, Sarah. he's dead. " "I am glad.
"He won't bother us any more.
We can be together again.
I won't have a dream.
I won't attack you again.
"That's good, Max.
"I peeled his face back, as he did to me.
I injected him green liquid like he did to you.
Revenge is sweet. I know it now.
"I love you, Max.
"I never stopped loving you, Sarah.
Not for a moment.
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