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no booze, if flying by ai? | india news - times of india - transparent plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-10
no booze, if flying by ai? | india news - times of india  -  transparent plastic sheet
New Delhi: before taking a flight to India, the terminals passing through most of the world's airports were an incredible experience for passengers, as there were loads of alcohol and perfume stored in duty-free shops
But Air India's passengers must deal with buying any liquid from duty-free shops only and bringing it to their onboard aircraft.
Even another national airline, Air India, has no restrictions on its inbound passengers.
What annoys passengers most is that after going through the exhaustive selection process, they chose the bottles that are now allowed in most international flights and learned about the restrictions.
Only when they show their boarding pass at the store are they told that the AI flyer cannot buy liquid.
A senior airline official quoted the Civil Aviation Safety Agency's order on the issue of liquids.
"We have been following this instruction until it is in place.
However, when we received complaints from passengers, we had discussed the issue with the security agency many times and even some other stations complained about the loss of business, "he admitted.
In fact, for this reason, the airline is losing business from industries such as Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong.
According to him, the only "logic" to continue to enforce this rule is that some passengers take domestic flights after landing here and they are not allowed to carry bottles with them in these areas.
"We are trying to resolve this issue as early as possible," he added . ".
But passengers don't believe it.
"At Indian airports, the choice of alcohol and perfume is very limited and people do want to buy the most popular but rare brands from abroad.
"Artificial intelligence must quickly change the rules," said a passenger who recently took off from Hong Kong, but only discovered the rules at the last minute.
At Indian airports, when the chaos is until the cover-up of the "liquid in flight" rule, foreign travelers get a detailed information sheet and a clear plastic bag telling them what they can carry and how to carry it.
At the same time, the British Airport Authority said on Friday that due to changes in Australian rules, from March 31, the EU (EU)
The airport will not be able to sell any liquid items to passengers traveling to Australia. "saurabh.
Sinha @ timesgroup.
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