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noida: after showers, open panel boxes, no street lights trouble residents | noida news - times of india - acrylic mirror sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-06
noida: after showers, open panel boxes, no street lights trouble residents | noida news - times of india  -  acrylic mirror sheet
NOIDA: District 51 RWA complains about the melting/burning/damage of power cables and all busbars, while District 30 RWA and District 122 residents require the repair of non-
Street lights operating in their respective departments.
"The electrical panels of the children's park were damaged due to the recent shower, and the main MCCB, all CTs, cables and busbars were completely melted/burned or damaged.
Therefore, we ask the power department to investigate the matter for emergency repair before any accidents occur in the area, as the grass and noodle boxes etc are still wet.
"(Sanjeev lakhanpal) Kumar 51, general secretary of RWA.
Although Kumar urged the panel box through the acrylic sheet not to rain, he also found that the input side cable of the UPPCL meter was also damaged.
"The meter also needs to be repaired/replaced, while the transformer oil is found to leak from the children's park," Kumar said . " He wrote to Salil Yadav, project engineer on the matter.
Meanwhile, 30 RWA and 122 residents complained
Street lamp with function
"While in zone 30, Block D Park has no lights working, requests for electrical lights 17 and 73 have been waiting a long time," said Parmod Verma, president of department 30 RWA.
Residents in districts 120 to 122 also raised similar concerns that there were no street lights on the entire main road leading to the zone.
"As daily commuters, we are tired of having no street lights on the main roads in districts 120 to 122.
Street lights are only briefly present in the Amrapali market in area 120, but not on the normally dark Gaur Grandeur apartment Road.
The service road to the industry is also very dark as there are no street lights there.
We are tired of repeated complaints, but after a few days of breathing, the situation is back to its original level, "said Anil Kumar, a District 122 resident.
Taking into account the above complaint, PVVNL, supervision engineer for K Singh, issued the necessary instructions to the junior staff.
"The staff are repairing open panel boxes, meters and bus bars outside and I also ask them to investigate complaints on street lights," Singh said . ".
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