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number of rohingya refugees fleeing burma tops 370,000 as crisis worsens - white plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-08
number of rohingya refugees fleeing burma tops 370,000 as crisis worsens  -  white plastic sheeting
DHAKA, Bangladesh
The number of Rohingya refugees fleeing Myanmar's military crackdown is now more than 370,000, and the head of human rights at the United Nations called it "a textbook example of ethnic cleansing ".
"Thousands of dragons-
Persecuted ethnic minorities continue to flow into Bangladesh this week through land and rickety ships, exhausted and dehydrated, and tell the nightmare horror story of the Myanmar military, including friends and neighbors were shot dead in front of their eyes and the house was burned.
"They seem to want us to leave the country," said Nurjahan, an elderly Rohingya woman who fled her burning village 10 days ago and ended up camping on the side of the road not sure where to go.
Speaking in Geneva on Tuesday, the International Organization for Migration said the number of people fleeing Myanmar was 370,000, but acknowledged that the figure could be much higher.
"It is clear that these estimates have been bypassed several times," said spokesman Leonard Doyle . ".
"I don't want to give a number, but it's clear that people are worried that the number will be higher.
"As refugees continue to flood the area, ferry operators are spending about $122 on crossing the river --
Far beyond the capacity of many of them.
Relief efforts were quickly overwhelmed with reduced stocks of food, temporary housing packages and other supplies.
Prices of vegetables, bamboo and plastic films used to make shelters are soaring.
The camp is full of Rohingya refugees like Nurjahan, many of whom just sit down on the side of the road.
Read more: Myanmar is trying to show the Rohingya their own burnt house, which is "fake news ". Bangladesh offers free land to shelter Ronaldinho who fled Burma.
Right Idol now respected
Damaged reputation: Bangladesh's prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, visited a camp in the country's Cox Bazar area on Tuesday and has sheltered thousands of stateless Rohingya refugees since the early outflow of 1990-something refugees.
Her foreign minister accused Myanmar of committing "genocide ".
Myanmar will have to take back the Rohingya, she said, because they "created the problem and they have to solve it ".
The international community's condemnation of Myanmar's leader Aung San Suu Kyi has intensified and has repeatedly called on her to win the Nobel Peace Prize, which she won in 1991, because her long struggle for democracy in Myanmar will be canceled --
What the Nobel committee says will not happen.
On Monday, the White House issued a statement condemning the attacks and subsequent violence, saying it was "deeply disturbed" by the ongoing crisis ", "shocked" by "allegations of human rights violations, including extra-judicial executions, burning villages, killings and rape", security forces and civilians acting with the consent of these forces.
Matthew Smith, chief executive officer of human Rights group Forester Rights, said investigators at the group spent nine days at the border documenting the atrocities.
Aung San Suu Kyi, who has long had strong supporters in Congress and the Obama administration, believes Aung San Suu Kyi is the only leader who can bridge the country's transition from a military government to a civilian government.
But as Aung San Suu Kyi continues to be reluctant to comment on the plight of the Rohingya and the ensuing human rights crisis, her star image has begun to fade.
Her supporters say the incident shows how limited her power is because the military still controls 25 seats in parliament and security forces.
More than 1 million Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar are basically stateless, and the government considers them illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.
Ethnic minorities have experienced decades of discrimination and neglect, which worsened in 2012 after clashes between Rohingya and Buddhists in Rakhine state in western Myanmar.
At that time, more than 100,000 people were restricted to the camp and their operations, job opportunities and education were severely restricted.
Khadiza, the mother of two children, 35, said they were used to violent life, but a recent episode was different: "This time both the army and the Buddhists attacked us.
At first, her husband believed her situation would improve, but decided to leave when the neighboring village was burned.
She said that when they fled by land, their team was attacked and separated.
She has never seen her husband since then.
"I don't know where he is now," she said . ".
"I'm just here to save my two children.
The Great Escape began in August.
After a group of Rohingya militants called the alacan Rohingya Salvation ArmyARSA)
Dozens of police posts and a military camp were attacked, killing 12 people and triggering violent retaliation for several days.
In addition to burning hundreds of villages and killing civilians, Amnesty International and other human rights organizations have accused the Myanmar military of burying mines along the border, according to the trauma suffered by some fleeing people.
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Raad Al
Hussain noted on Monday satellite images and reports that "security forces and local militias burned the Rohingya village. ”“The Myanmar (Burma)
He added: "The government should stop pretending that the Rohingya set fire to their houses and burned garbage in their villages . " They accused the Rohingya of burning themselves.
He called it "a complete denial of reality ".
Since the emergence of the armed Rohingya rebels, Aung San Suu Kyi's government has changed its position as a national security issue rather than a humanitarian crisis.
Her government spokesman Zaw Htay reiterated the position on Monday, saying in a statement that the government shares the international community's concerns about "violence caused by terrorist acts.
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