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ny red bulls beat santos to open new stadium - translucent polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-21
ny red bulls beat santos to open new stadium  -  translucent polycarbonate
Harrison, New Jersey (Reuters)-
Major League football (MLS)
New York Red Bull beat Brazil Santos 3-3
Red Bull's new stadium opened Saturday.
A few hours after the major league and the players union announced a new collective bargaining agreement to avoid threatening a strike at the US Open next week, the friendly began. S.
League season
There's a sale-
Although Santos striker Robinho has been on loan from Manchester City, he has not played in Saturday's game, with only 25,000.
A Brazilian club official said Robinho did not go to the United States for a minor thigh strain.
New York midfielder Joel linderpe bounced back to Harrison after playing 11 minutes at his $0. 22 billion pitch, scoring his first goal, before he moved from the edge of the area to New Jersey.
Defender Mike Petech scored second in 43 minutes and after two minutes, Dane Richards beat third place from Fabio Costa
Santos scored a consolation goal at the last minute of the game, with Germany leading the free-kick.
Red Bull hopes the new stadium represents a shift in the club's fate.
They won 5 of 30 league games in Major League Soccer last season, the worst record.
Customized to the stadium-
The club, formerly known as the New York/New Jersey metropolitan star, played 14 seasons at the home Giants stadium of the National Football League Giants and Jets.
Red Bull's average of 11,000 people often get lost in the big stadium of 80,000, although Beckham's first game with the Los Angeles Galaxy in New York two years ago attracted 66,237 people.
Most of the 15 other clubs in the league are playing football now.
After playing at an American football venue, a specific stadium.
The new stadium is true. it is not a man-made lawn. it is designed like a European stadium.
Translucent polycarbonate and aluminum roof construction means that all seats are covered.
The stadium was rewarded with a public investment of $80 million in land infrastructure improvement, costing about twice as much as other new US stadiumsS.
Football field.
In 2006, Austrian energy beverage company Red Bull bought the team from AEG entertainment for more than $100 million.
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