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nyc;graffiti wars in the subway: it's round 2 - cost of polycarbonate sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-06
nyc;graffiti wars in the subway: it\'s round 2  -  cost of polycarbonate sheet
Clyde Hubbard.
1995 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
To keep these articles as they appear initially, the Times will not change, edit, or update them.
There are occasional copywriting errors or other problems during the digitization process.
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Marilyn Sullivan didn't like the mess that made it hard for her to see from the first window6 subway train.
No, it's too tactful.
She really hates the scribbles that the vandals have carved on the glass, and when you can read the trash, the vandals assign themselves something like ice, DIMS and SHAWTS
"This is disgusting . "
Sullivan sat down on Lexington Avenue and worked as a nanny on the Upper East Side.
"You are already frustrated on the subway, which makes you feel more scared, just like no one can control it.
You were scratched.
Hell, nothing they do will make it better.
"Sometimes it seems futile.
You win a battle and all you get in this city is another battle.
Just like the subway boss did in the end of 1980s to control the graffiti epidemic, next thing you know is that young tourists are targeting the train windows, drill into the glass with ceramic chips or broken earplugs or sandpaper.
The door panel is the most popular target.
On the way to and from school, the transportation authority said teenagers
Agers like to tag the glass secretly against the door, and no one else is smarter.
"It's hard to find them," says Lieut ".
Police Station subway vandalism team commander Steve Mona
His unit has arrested 35 people this year for destroying windows, which does not seem to be much.
But on the crowded train, Lieutenant Mona said: "A child can stand next to you and grab the glass, you won't know.
This form of graffiti is not new.
Four or five years ago, it began to become a problem.
At first, some subway passengers did not take it too seriously.
After all, it's almost benign compared to traditional graffiti, the black graffiti that covers all the surfaces and makes passengers tremble.
They felt like they were in bed. (
Maybe they just have no culture.
When some journalists and well-known local writers assured them that they were traveling next to an exciting form of urban art, they didn't get it ---
Especially when many of these writers, other than as we all know, are rich and will never be seen somewhere below them, such as the subway. )
But more and more passengers share
Sullivan thinks graffiti is also an offense.
Transport officials say the problem is more serious than ever because they can't keep up with spoilers.
How bad this is, says Vincent riccardeli, head of Metro Jerome car repair near Bronx Mosholu Parkway.
One time, his crew managed to butt.
No clean train.
6 lines, a notorious vandalprone route.
The train ran from Pelham Bay Park and came back with 182 scratches.
"I can't believe it . "
Said Ricciardelli.
"Not a round trip!
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"We never have enough glass," he said . "
"When you can no longer see the window, or if there is any profanity, slander or other thing that upset the passengers, we will replace it.
But it's hard to stay ahead.
It's hard for us to stay on graffiti.
"It's still a problem to hear regular graffiti, and some New Yorkers may be surprised.
Senior Transport Officer Lloyd Taylor estimates that Metro trains still need 3,000 "clicks" per week"paint set.
However, dirty cars are immediately removed from the cleaning service, so the public is usually unaware of any problems.
Officials are concerned that such vandalism may be unstoppable.
Their current strategy is to slow down.
Earlier this year, they experimented with another vandal.
Easy to walk, first4.
Ordinary Windows--
Made of plexiglass, a kind of polyester resin, sandwiched between pieces of glass-
Coated with thin polyester and polyester film.
Mylar is far from zero. proof.
But in the experiment, it protects the ordinary window from damage. -
The "sacrifice barrier" in transit conversation ".
The most important thing is that each piece of paper can be changed
Third, the cost of installing a new window.
This can save a lot of scratches if you want.
But in order to make money, you sometimes have to spend money and don't have much money these days.
"Budget cuts can hurt us," said Michael Lombardi, who is in charge of Metro vehicle equipment . ".
"This is an expensive proposal.
We have to change every scratched window first, then put Mylar on it.
Then we need more police to watch the children.
Mr. advertising.
However, Lombardi is nothing if it is not an optimist.
"We take a subway line at a time," he said . "
"At first it was like a war you couldn't win.
But who would have thought we would win the graffiti war?
"A version of this article appears on page B00001, national edition, December 19, 1995, with the title: New York;
Graffiti War in the subway: 2 rounds.
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