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ohio becomes 1st state to ban plywood on vacant properties - clear polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-07-22
ohio becomes 1st state to ban plywood on vacant properties  -  clear polycarbonate
In Ohio, up property will no longer be synonymous with blight.
This week, the state became the first state in the country to ban the use of plywood on abandoned and vacant properties.
The ban was included in one of 28 bills signed by the Republican government on Wednesday. John Kasich.
Effective after 90 days.
This is a boon for a practice known as "clear boarding", which is popular across the country.
Federal government Fannie Mae-
The sponsored Mortgage Association, which has been using transparent polycarbonate doors and windows for several years, announced in November that plywood was unacceptable as it could ensure vacant properties.
This spring, a district committee in Chicago debated the issue.
Robert Klein, founder of Cleveland
Ohio law made a bold statement about the city's recession.
"This is a big step forward for those involved in the Ohio community disease fight," Klein said . ".
"Plywood is an outdated solutionday problem.
"Plywood has been the industry standard for ensuring vacated housing for many years, so the act of doing so is called a" landing "property.
It is widely available, easy to use and cheap.
However, supporters who use different materials say plywood breaks easily
Ins and vandalism hinder the visibility of the first responders and send a visual signal of devaluing the value of the property around them.
Marilyn Thompson from APA
The trade organization representing plywood manufacturers in North America says the engineering Timber Association believes the debate is mostly aesthetic.
"Plywood has very good structural properties, so we don't see any significant differences in safety," she said . ".
"In terms of aesthetics, it doesn't matter if the building owner wants to choose to use it.
However, the use of plywood is prohibited and the use of transparent boards is mandatory, which does eliminate the owner's choice and impose an additional burden on them by removing the lower cost option.
Thompson said 4-foot by 8-foot 15/32-
The price of inch plywood is between $17 and $20, and similar
The size of a transparent polycarbonate is about $115.
In Ohio, the plywood ban follows another new law that speeds up foreclosures for vacant and abandoned properties, sometimes referred to as zombie properties, because they are like living dead people
It builds a fast
The track system shortened the procedure for foreclosure in Ohio from two or more years to six months.
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