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orange county gets first dose of medfly spray - clear plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-20
orange county gets first dose of medfly spray  -  clear plastic sheets
A few hundred gallons of sticky half.
On Thursday night, as state agricultural officials tried to use the first aerial spray of pesticides in Orange County history to wipe out destructive Mediterranean fruit flies, the sweet mixture began to rain on North County streets.
Despite early fears that the recent Santa Ana wind might endanger the mission by spraying pesticides, the helicopter pilot left El Monte Municipal Airport at 9: 05 as planned.
Then, they started spraying about 550 gallons of Marion mixture in about 30,000 to 40,000 homes and businessessquare-
A mile area of Brea, La Habra and fuller ton.
Orange County Agriculture Commissioner James Harnett reviewed the scene of two specially equipped Bell 204 helicopters in El Monte when they took off, saying: "Perfect;
As we planned. . . . "We hope (the Medflies)
Will be tempted by bait, eat it, and die.
"Most people who live in the spray area seem to have followed the advice of agricultural officials and stayed at home.
However, some people, such as Raul Luna of fuller, venture outside to watch the helicopter cruise 500 feet above their heads.
"It's incredible," Luna said, sitting on his front porch with his children.
"It's not true when you see these things on TV, but now this is where we are.
"The rapid spread of Medfly in the Los Angeles basin in recent weeks has threatened a repeat of the $16 damage that the state has suffered --billion-a-
Agricultural industry in 1981.
This insect from West Africa is drilled into more than 250 kinds of fruits and vegetables, making it impossible for them to sell.
However, so far its appearance in Orange County has been limited to the discovery of a pregnant fly in Breia two weeks ago.
Agricultural officials hope that if no more flies appear, Thursday's spray will be the last in the area.
While many North County residents seem to be concerned about the health impact of the pesticide mix, the specific task of covering the car dominates their last --
Preparations for Thursday.
State officials say the mixture-
Three protein flying bait, one malion pesticide--
There is no major harm to human health.
However, they do warn residents to cover their cars during spraying to prevent possible discoloration of chemicals.
"It's all for a fly," complained Jim Gomez of La Habra, who is in a silver Toyota truck and a 25-foot trailer.
Meanwhile, in Brea, Gene and Rose Amaral are confused about how to handle the eight cars parked in their driveway and yard.
They had only two tarps in their hands and went to a nearby hardware store to buy some.
But like last time.
One-minute shoppers, who found out that the store's tarps had been sold out, also needed something for local residents to cover outdoor items such as cars and patio furniture.
They started queuing very early. Thursday)
"Good Morning," said John Hutchinson, a salesman at the Kanin hardware store.
Dennis Parker at Seal Beach sees spraying as an opportunity to make money.
By Thursday night, he said, he had sold hundreds of cars for $5.
A crack from four streets
Corner location of the area.
But the Pack did not stay when the Marion shower.
"When I heard the helicopter coming," Parker said, "I left.
"Those who can't find the car cover on Thursday may not be lucky today and find a place to wash off the pesticide mixture.
Robin Deal, owner of La Habra carwash, said: "From the number of calls we get, I suspect they will queue up on the street and around the corner to start . ".
The spray is expected to be completed earlier today and is now waiting: will be four to five months-
Or three generations of yellow-black flies. -
Before agricultural experts know if the operation is successful.
"The evidence of spraying will no longer find flies," said Frank Parsons, chief agricultural deputy commissioner of Orange County.
"If there is no more (
Within five months)
We can assume that they have been removed.
"County technicians will continue to regularly check the 1,500 Medfly traps set up in the northern county area to find any signs of pest regression.
Agricultural officials say the area will have to be sprayed again if more fertile flies appear.
This is due to the shortage of sterile cotton flies-
Sometimes millions of people are released to try to kill the population by slowing down reproduction ---
This option has been canceled.
The repeated spread of the Los Angeles area has sparked protests from local residents and elected officials who questioned the need for the continued application of the malarion ion and the government's claim that pesticides could not harm anything but flies.
In fact, the spraying process is almost routine for many residents in other parts of the South: since August, state officials have had to carry out 10 different expansions in the East Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley
Efforts to spread the worst Medflies epidemic in Southern California's history have been far from successful.
But not until November.
The bug surfaced in Orange County, in a 15-foot-
The tall guava tree of Brea.
Agricultural officials believe domestic traffic
Fruits grown from the quarantine area, accompanied by a strong Santa Ana wind, help the affected areas grow rapidly in the South.
As a result, at 10-square-
The mile spray target area, immediately around the spot where brefly was found, became the first area in Orange County to go through the process, causing more than a few panic in the area.
Earlier this week, state officials posted leaflets promoting pesticide safety in the affected North County community and told people what precautions should be taken, such as staying indoors and covering cars.
But this week flooded hundreds of calls from the county's "Medfly hotline ---
More than 300 to five pence. m. Thursday alone--
This is a clear sign that many people are still on the verge.
"This is a new experience for us ---
We 've never experienced this before, and there's some concern about it, "said Gene A, mayor of Brea.
Leiden, who lives in the spray area, said Thursday.
"We don't like the idea that chemicals are discarded in our community ---
Who knows if they will find these things bad for us in 20 years? " Leyton said.
But another option. -
Destruction of national agriculture--
Not very good either, so what can you do?
"Many callers from outside the spray area called a county hotline expressing concern about hearing helicopters overhead.
The operators assured them that the helicopter needed to fly over the spray area to turn around, but always stopped releasing chemicals at the border.
"They are very accurate," said operator Rick Kinsella . ". One self-
The environmental activist group known as the Green Party plans to hold a protest in Brea during Thursday's spray, but when only two members of the group appeared, the protest was scrubbed.
The Times staff writer Jim Carleton, Mary Lou Fulton, Matt Wright, Lisa mascarlo and Tom mcquini contributed to the report.
MEDFLY spray on Thursday: There is no plan to repeat the spray application at this time.
Officials will continue to monitor 1,500 traps distributed in one 81-square-
Mile area including spray area and surrounding area.
If more flies are found, a second spray is possible.
The Medfly hotline in the county agricultural commission office will be opened from 8 in the morning. m. until 5 p. m.
Residents with problems. The number is (714)447-7118.
The hotline will be closed after Friday.
After that, you can ask the Office of the agricultural commissioner (714)447-7100. Although the U. S.
State officials say the EPA has ordered a new test of Maradona, "one of the safest pesticides used today ".
"State officials say the dose used by air spraying is not a health threat to anyone.
After spraying: All patio furniture, amusement equipment, tools and household items left outside during the spraying process should be washed out.
Cars should be cleaned with soap and water.
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