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oregon militia gunman holes himself up under a tarp on live tv during anti-government protest - plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-23
oregon militia gunman holes himself up under a tarp on live tv during anti-government protest  -  plastic sheet
A 55-year-oldarmed anti-
A government militia protesting at a federal wildlife sanctuary in Oregon hid himself under a blue tarp on live television, saying he was "not going to spend any time in a concrete cell ".
Lavoy finicum spoke to a reporter from news channel MSNBC while standing or sitting outside the Malheur National Wildlife Sanctuary in Princeton, Oregon.
Armed protesters seized the facility on Monday, accusing government officials of unfairly punishing ranchers who refused to sell land.
It is reported that Mr. Finicum was carrying a rifle under his blanket and apparently sat under the plastic sheet until the interview began.
He told MSNBC that he believed his arrest had to do with the takeover and had a federal mandate, although he was unable to verify the accuracy of his statement.
He said: "If that's the case, I don't want the FBI running around in the dark and kicking the door to find me, okay?
I want them to know exactly where I am [sic].
"I have no intention of spending any of my days in the concrete box," he added . ".
The interviewer then asked what he was going to do if the federal agent arrived at the scene to arrest him, "point a gun at you and try to handcuff you ".
Mr. Finicum's Butt came out under the blanket and he said, "Well, don't point a gun at me.
You won't point a gun at someone unless you're going to shoot.
"The first thing you think of is [sic]
Don't point a gun at someone.
The interviewer then asked him, "it's better to die than to die in a cell," and he replied, "Absolutely.
Do you want to be in the cell?
"In another video posted on Gawker, it was seen that Mr Finicum pulled the blue tarp over his head and covered his whole body.
It is unclear how long the acquisition will last, but Ammon Bundy, a protester, told CNN that they were prepared to stay "when necessary.
The 40-year-old said protesters used shelters as a place for people to come here to "help the people of Hani County recover their land and resources ".
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