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otterbox defender series iphone case review - polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-02
otterbox defender series iphone case review  -  polycarbonate
Otterbox is a company based in Fort Collins, Colorado that designs and manufactures enclosures for mobile electronics.
The Defender series chassis is probably the strongest smartphone chassis.
It is made of high impact polycarbonate with a screen protector that is anti-scratch.
The whole case is designed to protect your smartphone from falling bumps and shocks.
The defender has two main components.
The outer cover, made of silicon, is designed to protect the user from the sharp edges of the hard plastic housing and is easy to use.
The hard shell consists of two parts, which are stuck together through your mobile phone, a separate aperture of the Apple logo and a transparent plastic window, A buckle with U-shaped edge features can slip your belt
Screen protector function. âx80¢ (2)
Protective layer: one for shock absorption and one for right strength.
Often required feature openings and flaps for less commonly used ports.
Online video supporting assembly instructions.
Due to the opening of the package, it is easy to check in the retail store.
This case complements and enhances the design of your iPhone, works well, the parts are well matched and the price is competitive.
Assembling lint is a bit of a hassle, lint can pile up on small cameras and sensory ports, silicon can look cumbersome in a short period of time, it's hard to get in and out of your pocket the following color combinations :(
Inner polyester with silicone cover)
There are IPhone.
Black and Black Bronze gray with envious green bronze gray with bronze gray sun yellow with dark blue ocean with deep blue peony pink with dark plum color there are many iphone protected by Otterbox defender dropped a few stories, crashed from a moving vehicle or ski or snowboard, the phone still looks new and works fine.
About $50 for a defender, considering that you might have spent only $99 or $199 on the phone it's protecting, one might think it's a bit expensive.
But if you think your phone is not used because it is thrown on the hard concert floor it will not work again --
$50 is good insurance for iPhone features.
This case is well done, is a good design, crafted, looks great, no cons, I feel this is the best case for iPhone protection.
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