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overwhelmed by junk: how to get organized and stay organized - clear plastic roofing

by:Cailong     2019-08-04
overwhelmed by junk:  how to get organized and stay organized  -  clear plastic roofing
Trapped in the jungle around you
Let's take stock.
Kitchen table with a stack of vintage china you get from e-commerce
You always want to wrap the bay with foam and then pack it the next time.
The restaurant has a bunch of documents for the last tax season and has never been collected.
There's a box and a box of Barbie stuff in the garage, but your daughter is 21 years old now.
Bathroom cabinets and cabinets have your Aunt Susie's Avon series in them you think someone might use them in an email
But your husband has been using Cologne outside, which makes him smell like someone's grandfather.
Is there some sort of stack on each level?
Did your call ring a producer who wanted you to go to hoarder's show?
You may need to intervene, my friend.
You may need a little help to regain control of your life, my friend.
My friend, in the long run, once you start to control the chaos in your life, you will become a better person before it starts to control you.
Responsible for your garbage!
It's time to make it forever
A bunch of garbage knows who's the boss!
No, it's not rubbish. . . YOU ARE!
It's time to take control of your own destiny, and if you don't see your destiny full of chaos, then grab yourself and throw all the rubbish into submission is over!
First of all, you need time.
If you work, you need to ask for leave in order to complete the project. I'm not joking!
If you are serious about getting this done, you need to concentrate on getting it done.
Depending on your junkdom level, I suggest at least a week, probably more depending on how bad the problem really is and how many areas you have to cover.
Yes, I know it's a big commitment, but it's kind of like losing weight.
You are not fat overnight, so you will not lose weight overnight.
As with clutter, it will take a while to collect all the garbage and it will take some time to clean it up.
If you try to spread the project out over a few weekends, you will never finish it. So man (or woman! )
Get up and take some time to finish the task!
Make a plan to clean up and clean up the OutIf and you will increase when it comes to the project (
This can explain how your environment is getting in this situation! )
You need to make a plan.
This is a written plan, dear.
Someone you can refer to and stick to at all costs.
If you just keep it in your head and don't write it down, it's going to be a free floating worthless plan that you can modify at any time.
If it's there, stare at your face in black and white (
It's not a pencil, it's a pen! )
You will be more inclined to execute it.
Determine the order in which you dispose of the garbage.
Do you want to go to a room?
Closet by closet?
A drawer?
Make plans and stick to them.
Get ready to fight your trash! Get prepared.
Go and buy garbage bags, heavy and lots.
All the trash you plan to throw away needs them, right? Right? ! Answer me! Yes, you will.
For things with heavy garbage bags, you may also need cartons.
If you are dealing with closets and drawers, there are a few things if feasible, which will make the project 100% easier, more attractive and easy to stick to in the long run. I promise.
This is organizer, bin, shelf, stacker, shelf unit, etc.
If you're working on a closet, what really motivates you is to make it look attractive.
Risking what sounds like Joan Crawford, the wire hanger is the devil's tool and has to be removed from your life!
They make your entire wardrobe look like a mess, your clothes won't stay on top, they will bend over time and look like origami. . .
They just have to go.
If you have a lot of clothes, it will be an investment over time, but the velvet hanger is good --worth it.
Please give it to you at Christmas. I did!
They will make your wardrobe look different, really, no longer pick up clothes from the floor where the hangers fall off.
I also recommend investing in transparent plastic shoe cabinets.
The best thing about them is that they are stackable and clear, so you can see what's inside, with drawers, you don't have to take off the other boxes that are stacked above to take them out, just pull out the drawer.
You can even take pictures of your shoes and tie them to the front of the shoe drawer so you can see what's inside better.
If your chips are a bit too high, put a foldable step stool in the closet to get enough of them. . .
Just in case you inherited the Imelda Marcos gene!
Drawer dividers are also useful for controlling socks, underwear and messy junk drawers.
Divide your garbage!
In fact, the process of cleaning up garbage is usually the worst for most people.
Other than being boring and boring, sometimes it's just frustrating. . .
How on earth did you make your life so chaotic and out of control? !
Don't despair, refer to your plan and do a project at a time.
Give yourself a mini if it helps
Reward after completing each small task.
You flip a drawer in the kitchen, clean it up and throw it away, and then equip it with new shelf paper and a drawer organizer. . . .
Reward yourself with a good kiss or two!
Clean up the strange science experiment in the refrigerator. . .
Watch the junk TV for 15 minutes and you have earned it!
Don't forget to continue with the task, you still have to stick to the work at hand. .
Kardashian can wait. you have a house to clean!
When you sort, put the garbage bags or boxes nearby, one is absolute garbage, one is to curbie, one is for charity, and the other is for sale in the yard.
Where are all the garbage going?
Once you start sorting out and dividing your stuff, you need to have a plan to deal with what you don't want.
There are many charitable organizations coming to your house to get things.
Goodwill is something bigger that can be bought and clothes, small furniture and electrical appliances can be bought by the National Kidney Foundation.
Many charities have also placed bins in the shopping center parking lot so you can take them there at any time to clean up.
An organization called Freecycle is a great way to get rid of things that still have a lot of life, but maybe you don't have time for yard sales to unload them.
Freecycle is a national community where people basically recycle their items in other freecycl and you can get them from the name. . . for FREE.
People list anything from China to clothing to the fridge, so it may be easy for you to find someone to handle the garbage in your hands.
The trick is not to load the backup with all the other cool things listed by other freelancers!
Throw away the garbage now!
Now that everything is in a bag or box, you have to let yourself stick to the end and get rid of it.
Recruit a friend with a truck and travel a few times to a dump, goodwill, or a place where your things are destined to go.
Just don't let it stay in your garage for a few months and wait for a convenient time to handle it.
Now is the time!
You have gone so far, and don't spoil your progress by continuing.
Continue the yard sale, call Goodwill to get the old closet, and arrange the garbage truck to get the worn-out mattress. . .
But throw it away!
Sit down now and admire your clean house, closets, drawers, and garage.
Take pictures of them and help you remember that your house is clean and tidy so you don't do it again.
Finally, reflect on what you value most in your life.
If it doesn't have two legs and warm meat, then it's time to start cleaning again!
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