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Owners of pets seek BSE answers - pet manufacturing process

by:Cailong     2019-08-14
Owners of pets seek BSE answers  -  pet manufacturing process
Pet food manufacturers yesterday denied that their products could be contaminated with mad cow disease, but the safety issue that first raised concerns was not answered by lawmakers who insisted that it was important.
Association of Pet Food Manufacturers (PFMA)
Their members, who sold billions of pounds worth of cat and dog food last year, said that the suggestion of the microbiology and Labor MP Martin Jones was mad cow disease.
Infected with "pork bone rice "(MBM)-
Produced from the body of the ground cow.
May be "misunderstood" in pet food ".
Anxious pet owners called yesterday to consult and flooded RSPCA and PFMA.
According to government orders, pet food containing MBM must not be prepared in the same place as cattle and sheep food.
But the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (Maff)
This was done to avoid cattle being fed meat remains, said yesterday, and does not mean that MBM could be contaminated with mad cow disease.
However, this measure has apparently been taken and therefore there is no possibility of mad cow disease
The infected product was sent back to the cattle feed.
It is believed that this "recycling" has led to the initial epidemic, and so far nearly 164,000 cases of mad cow disease have been diagnosed, and it is estimated that, 700,000 cows spread the disease because it is suitable for human consumption.
MBM is made with such cattle.
The agent that caused the BSE was not killed by the manufacturing process.
The dog seems to be immune to mad cow disease, but the cat has developed a sponge disease called the Cat (FSE).
Since the first case was discovered in 1990, 71 FSE cases have been reported, all of which are in the UK.
But the number of cases dropped sharply: eight last year, but only one this year.
This decline reflects the prevalence of mad cow disease, which infected 36,000 cattle in 1992.
So far, there have been 5,219 cases this year.
Mr Jones said yesterday that there were still some questions about the materials used in pet food that were not answered.
"Some representative of pet food said that I have accepted my misconceptions about this situation.
This is not true.
After talking to them, there are still questions to be answered.
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