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palace reveals selected secrets: nation's most prestigious tourist attraction shows a surprising line in red carpets and electric fires - transparent plastic sheet roll

by:Cailong     2019-07-26
palace reveals selected secrets: nation\'s most prestigious tourist attraction shows a surprising line in red carpets and electric fires  -  transparent plastic sheet roll
No place to see the best place to be surrounded by 1,000 tourists in an hour, even yesterday's 200 journalists, but all the horrible red carpet on the floor of Buckingham Palace left an irresistibleat-
The heel Railway Hotel in a provincial capital city, may have been renovated in the 1950 or 1960 s, as there was only enough money at the time to fix things.
Elsewhere in the country, there is still a baton fire in each marble grille, which at the same time shows reluctance to modernize and not taking into account the cost of heating the room?
19 palace rooms open to the public-
8 lbs per head
Eight weeks from today, help pay for the loss of fire at Windsor Castle.
For security reasons, some touch is inevitable, making sure that visitors feel like paying guests or tourists, and not even the illusion of being invited as family friends --
Railings in the yard, long lines and bagssearches.
The tour begins with a discreet ambassador entrance at Buckingham Palace Gate.
The palace courtyard has red gravel matching the mall, but it is still not peaceful;
Through the three arches in front, you can still see and hear the crowded tourists and traffic outside the door.
Invisible from the road, but clearly visible from the inside, is a white satellite antenna located on the roof of the palace.
Inside, the room looks smaller than the picture on the book, the same illusion as the real estate agent's photo of selling the apartment, and is always taken from the corner at the bottom.
The first room was a magnificent hall, very much like the ballroom of the hotel, with very little furniture in the new French style, with a bright gilt shape on the ceiling.
The book says the magnificent staircase leads to the hall, its gold-plated railing, provided by Samuel Parker, for a price of £ 3,900 in 1828.
A transparent piece of plastic was affixed to the gold plating to avoid greasy hands touching anything and damaging Mr Parker's masterpiece.
Yesterday, workers also drilled ancient precious plasterboard around the doorways in other places, ready to screw into similar protective plastic plates.
The music room and the living room are the most beautiful and peaceful, but when fatigue begins, it is difficult to appreciate in the crowd.
The view of the entire garden reveals to the Queen that her lawn has been overlooked by skyscrapers, which must have been irritating.
Finally, in the living room, a glimpse of the garden through the window was caught by a red --
The painted footman on the lawn.
Highlights in photos and furniture: in the silk tapestries room, Ellen Ramsey took 1764 portraits of Queen Charlotte and her two children;
In the white living room, a complex 18th-century roll top desk.
But it's easy to rush past.
The fireplace in the green living room has interesting little paper crowns, just like what Blue Peter suggested to illuminate the dull fireplace.
Dark green walls with the same name, gold plated more, do not coordinate with the red carpet.
More chandeliers, but new
Look at it somehow.
The throne room where the monarch received the address on a formal occasion was fantastic, but there was no courtier and it seemed very empty.
The throne of power is labeled as ER and P.
The gallery is the largest room in the palace, showing two Rubens, one sting, one Reni and three Van dikes, obviously, from the old photos, it used to be a wall that gathered togetherPainting of size
Now, it has become something more like a corridor, choosing and hanging paintings with geometric precision.
The painting was trapped.
The same is true for seats, so there is no place to sit down.
Just before the exit, a souvenir shop will offer a £ 20 silk tie with a pattern suggested by the ceiling and walls and a £ 4 crown-
Chocolate in shape, cardboard "table" and necklace in the shape of a 45 pound Palace (pounds 55)brooches (pounds 50)and ear-rings (pounds 450)
It is recommended to specify from the National Restaurant.
There's no T-shirts.
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