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paper airplanes with mit solar technology can make electricity - transparent plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-11
paper airplanes with mit solar technology can make electricity  -  transparent plastic sheet
There are many forms of solar panels: crystalline silicon, film, even spray and clear plastic.
Time to add paper to the list.
A research group at MIT has developed a flexible, very thin solar technology that, when printed out, looks like a normal document that can be bound into volumes
But when the wire is clipped at one end of the floppy disk and placed in the sun, the researchers say it can power the LCD clock display and other small "gadgets.
The technology could help push the solar industry away from bulky, expensive equipment and move to the option of easily generating electricity anywhere.
Using steam "ink" made of ordinary elements rather than expensive toxic ingredients like tellurium, solar cells are deposited on untreated plain paper-
Paper towels, drawings, and even news paper are included.
This process is similar to the process used to make the shiny interior of the Potato Bag, almost as simple as inkjet printing --
Threw a vacuum chamber.
The page can be molded into paper planes and can still generate electricity when deployed.
They are also very long.
According to the researchers, this duration is persistent and they tested the cells that were produced last year.
According to MIT engineers, the technology is cheaper and more adaptable than commercial solar options that currently use glass and require heavy-duty support structures.
Paper solar cells, they say, can be attached to walls, on laptops, and can also be made into curtains and clothes, even laminated materials, to prevent bad weather.
It will take some time to commercialize, as researchers are still working to improve the efficiency of the device from the current 1%.
But maybe Apple.
It studied how to make solar energy.
The electric touch screen of the smartphone should call them.
The MIT research team reported the findings this month in the Journal of Advanced Materials.
Watch the folded battery below: Related: Apple's dream of solar energypowered . . . iPhone?
Green energy is a fertile ground for wild concepts-
Tiffany HsuPhoto: graduate student Miles Barr holds a flexible foldable solar cell array printed on paper.
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