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Parents warned of 'cancer risk' in plastic baby bottles - polycarbonate plastic

by:Cailong     2019-07-21
Parents warned of \'cancer risk\' in plastic baby bottles  -  polycarbonate plastic
A famous scientist warned parents should avoid using plastic baby bottles containing potential cancer
Cause chemical reaction
The chemical, known as BPA, has recently been banned in Canada for fear that it will pose a risk to infants.
However, the Irish food safety agency (FSAI) said that the review by the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) concluded last summer that BPA filtered out of bottles was not at risk for infants.
This is because humans, including newborns, soon removed it from their bodies.
Professor Vivian Howe, toxico-
Pathologist at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Ulster said that we should not expose infants to the cancer risks that may be caused by biphenol A (BPA), as the toxicology evidence shows, the fetus and young babies are at the most risk of hormone damage, which has been shown to cause damage to animals.
Ireland sells as many bottles of baby bottles every year, and while alternatives are slowly gaining ground, most of them still contain BPA.
But Professor Howard, who is also the president of the Society of Environmental Physicians, said his research with others shows that BPA has Endocrine
Although the toxicology technique is not mature enough to clearly demonstrate this, the destruction effect is at a very low dose.
He said that in the past year alone, Canadian authorities had listed double phenol a as a toxic substance and banned the use of polycarbonate plastic baby bottles containing double phenol.
"Considering that the first few months of coming out of the womb are crucial while the baby is still developing the brain and reproductive organs, it is recommended that Irish parents act cautiously and seek to buy BPA-
Free products for babies and children . "
For this reason, Professor Howard said, he chose to use glass bottles with only three-year-old children, "vote with my feet ".
The pharmaceutical company quoted him as saying that it launched two types of BPA-
Free bottles on the Irish market, Bibi and freedom of birth, but Professor Howard stressed that he had "absolutely no financial or any other connection" with these bottles ".
He said that BPA has a range of effects on the fetus, and studies by his colleague, Professor at the University of taftz, Anna Kumar, suggest that BPA has an effect on the breast, even if the dose is far lower than the dose allowed in the current guidelines, the prostate and testicles also develop.
The Canadian authorities concluded that the main source of exposure to BPA for infants is the use of baby bottles and infant formula milk powder cans exposed to high temperatures, although the exposure level is lower than the level at which the impact was caused, uncertainty in some studies on the potential impact of low levels leads them to take action to protect infants and young children.
But Alan Reilly, FSAI's deputy chief executive, said the EFSA had assessed Canada's opinion on BPA but still believed it was safe.
"All the risks have been assessed and they have come to the conclusion that even if the newborn is at a level that is exposed to danger, there is no danger," he said . ".
Although mothers can choose to use BPA-
FSAI will not advise them not to use bottles made of BPA if they wish.
Philips, market leader, said,
Free bottles are available online and they will be sold in Irish stores if requested by consumers.
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