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paris installs 10ft anti-terror wall around eiffel tower using bulletproof glass to protect visitors from attacks - clear plastic panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-03
paris installs 10ft anti-terror wall around eiffel tower using bulletproof glass to protect visitors from attacks  -  clear plastic panels
Paris has installed a 10-foot counter.
The terror wall around the Eiffel Tower uses bullet-proof glass to protect tourists from potential attacks.
The permanent structure announced on Thursday replaced the old metal fence with a 450-pound, 2 inch-pound clear panel. 5 tonnes each.
The most-owned company in France
The monument visited said that in order to protect tourists from terrorist attacks, walls were erected on both north and south sides of the site.
Two graphical grids have been set up on the other side of the site, and a crash bar will be set up around.
Soldiers and police will continue to patrol both inside and outside the area, as they have done since the deadly attacks in the French capital in November 2015.
Glass walls allow visitors to view nearby Championsde-
It is located on the Seine River through the Mars garden in Paris.
The renovation works also decorate the garden below the tower, which is part of 0. 261 billion (
EUR 0. 3 billion)
Project announced last year to modernize 129year-old tower.
The work of safety renovation should be completed by September.
Jose Luis Fuentes, architect of Dietmar Feichtinger Holdings, who is in charge of the project, said: "When you are on site, you will see 3-
Compared to the scale of the monument, the tall wall is absolutely invisible.
"It really looks like a square (
Under the Eiffel Tower)was open.
Six to 7 million people visit the Eiffel Tower every year.
A fence was erected on the tower before the 2016 Euro football tournament-
But the city's assistant mayor says the site needs further protection. Jean-
The assistant mayor for tourism, Francois Martins, said last year that the wall was built to prevent individuals or vehicles from entering the site.
"The terrorist threat in Paris is still high, and the most vulnerable sites led by the Eiffel tower must be targeted for special security measures," he said . ".
"We will replace the metal grid on both sides of the North and South with glass panels, allowing the Parisian and visitors to have a very pleasant view of the monument.
Martins added: "We have three goals --
Improve the appearance, facilitate the access of tourists, and strengthen the protection of tourists and staff.
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