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patents - metalized plastic

by:Cailong     2019-07-14
patents  -  metalized plastic
1979 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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The president of a New Jersey research company in Washington thinks he has found an important answer to the industrial question.
How the plastic is economically coated with metal.
Automobile manufacturers are increasingly using metal plastic components to reduce weight and save gasoline, and there are also applications in pipelines and electronic equipment.
Nathan Feldstein, president of Surface Technology, Princeton UniversityJ.
This week, Patent No. 9,167,596 was obtained, and more than a dozen patents are being applied.
They cover the copper and catalyst needed to prepare non-conductive plastics for plating.
The car grille can be made of plastic, but must be covered in metal.
The same can be done with toys and phonograph records.
Apply particles of copper or other metals suspended in water and actually plating through a chemical process. Mr. advertising
Precious metals such as gold and palladium have been used exclusively in high-acid media, Feldstein said.
Precious metals are expensive and acid can cause waste disposal problems.
The Environmental Protection Agency sponsored the study of surface technology on waste Aspett.
The patented process uses cheap non-acidic materials.
In addition to copper, nickel, cobalt, iron and a mixture were used. Mr.
Feldstein is in talks with various companies at home and abroad about the technology.
In the actual chemical plating, the metal is dissolved in the liquid and can be applied without electricity.
In the process of surface technology obtaining rights from e-commerceI.
The machine parts are coated with a composite of nickel and diamond dust.
Before the company was established in 1973
Feldstein is a technical member of RCA at Princeton.
He is active in scientific organizations and is registered as a patent agent.
The design method is to produce tough Diamond pellet experts at ge r & D center in N. SchenectadyY.
, Developed a method for the production of randomly oriented diamond particle aggregates with excellent hardness and wear resistance. The aggregate —
Bonded collection-
Into silicon metal.
This week Minyoung Lee, a metallurgical scientist, was granted patent No. 4,167,399; Laurence E.
Technical staff Szala and Robert C.
Dralas, inorganic chemist.
Potential applications include dyes, cutting tools, wear plates, and oil drill bits used to make it thinner.
The applicator-assisted insertion soft contact lens optometrist reported that his patented soft contact lens applicator soft insert this week has been used and distributed by more than 15,000 eye care professionals around the world.
Patent No. 4,167,283 has been issued to Michael Feldman of Cedar Hearst, California. I.
, Showing that the device has a thimble part, a cup part and a stem. Mr.
Feldman explained that when the device slides over the finger, it becomes an integral part of the user's hand, where the hands are free to manipulate the eyelids during insertion.
Softinsert provides safe, sterile input, Inventor added.
Help eliminate the problems caused by long nails.
Eight Russian campaign designs for nuclear energy advertising nuclear reactor refueling led to patent 9,167,442 to Alexander V.
Timothy feev and seven co-inventors, all Soviet government employees and Gorki residents, are on a system for charging fuel components in a nuclear reactor.
Fuel Assemblies containing radioactive materials are surrounded by coolant (such as water) in the reactor.
The spent fuel assembly is mechanically removed into a container outside the reactor for final disposal, and the new assembly is brought into the reactor from another container.
The coolant is contaminated, anything that falls off the moving assembly is collected in the mini trolley and taken out through the water tank.
The soft-fit contact lens appitcatorA version of the file was printed on page 33 of the New York version on September 15, 1979, with the title: patent.
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