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pathway in srirangam soon - 1 polycarbonate sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-23
pathway in srirangam soon  -  1 polycarbonate sheet
The construction of the shelter passage in the Sheltered rangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple and the laying of stone sidewalks will be completed soon.
The temple trust fund has started a project to build shelter passages and stone walkways from the thousand pillars mandala to udayawa within the temple complex at an estimated cost of rupees. 14 lakh.
Devotees, especially the elderly, find it difficult to cross this open section, especially in the summer when they walk through the hot sandy beaches.
The establishment of the asylum passage will greatly benefit the devotees.
C. There is a polycarbonate sheet roof on this road
Jayaram, co-commissioner of the temple.
While work on the construction of the shelter passage has been completed, work on the laying of sidewalk stones is still under way.
A section of cement concrete floor is being replaced by stone and the work has been completed about 300 m. Mr.
Jayaraman said the stone removed from the side
Tiruchi's driveway for laying concrete roads was purchased for this purpose.
The stones are cut to fit the size required within the temple complex. Mr.
Jayaraman also revealed that the construction of a nursing home was approved by Rs.
The 21 lakh at the Maduraiveeran site has been completed, but because of the underground drainage connection.
A staff dormitory for rupees.
43 lakh, also built in town.
As the state government has announced that it will launch sound and light performances in the temple, authorities are identifying suitable locations for this purpose.
The ministry is expected to call for private groups to be invited to make the show.
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