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paul charman: humanity star exciting, but also mortifying - cost of mylar sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-30
paul charman: humanity star exciting, but also mortifying  -  cost of mylar sheets
I can't over-
Say my passion for our country. and-
Rocket Lab Launch Center 1 runs Kiwi space harbor.
For me, it was part of an almost fanatical interest in space exploration, and in 1969, when watching the foggy video of Apollo 11 landing on the moon, I was a young man.
I admire it (
I still admire it)
This achievement is a huge understatement, and you can see my satisfied expression in a photo next to the copy of Apollo 11 at Kennedy Space Center.
Not too gorgeous-
But if I were a pagan, I might have set up an idol for the Apollo 11 astronauts.
I mean Armstrong Aldrin and Collins.
See they never lack incense, plus a small supply of food, drinks, money, etc.
As for Peter Baker, founder of Rocket Labs, don't mind "New Zealanders of the year "--
As a space fan, I think this young man is a competitor to the New Zealanders in the 21 st century.
Yes, thanks to Peter, this country is the first country in the world to have an active space port.
For me, this "Tech win" dwarfs the buzz that our upcoming royal baby has produced (the Ardern-Gayford one);
Victory through the wonderful black hat;
In this great summer, and so on. . .
But there is really a huge!
The news Rocket Lab is harrowing to put a disco ball into orbit that could become one of the brightest objects in the night sky.
Learn anything from Rocket Lab's goals and unite all of us by looking up at their "Star of humanity.
A terrible precedent!
I think since the announcement of this plan, "Amazon star", "Coco-
The Coke star of Wal-Mart.
Is a "Trump star" or a Special for L.
Ron Hubbard right around the corner?
Don't get me wrong-
I like to have faint light spots tracking in the night sky every night.
For me as a parent, there is nothing more interesting than lying on the grass with the children looking up at the night sky (
In some very dark places)
Name the constellation there and count a few satellites.
But the latter is always subtle and can hardly be heard.
A "thorn" that quickly crosses the sky ";
They are not "burning tea plates", they are designed to dominate the line of sight.
At present, the satellite we are seeing is attached to the big picture --
Not the focus of it.
The starry sky is amazing to me, just like the King David in the Eighth Psalm.
I said it couldn't be a billboard for marketing.
According to Wiki in 1993, the "space Billboard" envisioned by American company Space marketing proposed a 1-square-kilometer lighting billboard that will be launched into low orbit from Earth.
The surface size and brightness of the advertisement are roughly the same as the moon and will be made of Mela.
It is estimated that it will be affected by approximately 10,000 space debris.
The project cannot be carried out because it cannot attract enough funds.
In the same year, in the face of the space Billboard program, US Congressman Ed Markey proposed a bill banning all U. S. space advertising.
The bill was amended to cover only eye-catching advertising, allowing sponsorship deals to place logos on rocket or astronaut clothing.
Since May 2005, the Federal Aviation Administration has been responsible for implementing the law.
Well, the star of humanity at Rocket Labs doesn't seem to violate these rules.
But for me, this is against their spirit.
I don't want to look up at a smart person.
It shines in the night sky, not to mention 100 of it.
I hope the Rocket Lab will change.
Next, they decided to aim for something big and highly explosive at their rude and unwanted disco.
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