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pediatricians voice concerns about care following two 'needless' migrant deaths - where to get mylar

by:Cailong     2019-07-30
pediatricians voice concerns about care following two \'needless\' migrant deaths  -  where to get mylar
The Secretary of Homeland Security is heading to the Texas border town, where there is an 8-year-
Old immigrants from Guatemala were detained before the death of the United States. S.
Custody of the day before Christmas
Kirstjen Nelson has vowed to improve health care after two immigrant children die under American custody. S.
Customs and Border Protection this month.
Nelson will visit El Paso, Texas, and Youma, Aliz.
On Friday and Saturday, the Department of Homeland Security met with border patrols and local health care providers, according to Homeland Security officials. Eight-year-
Old Felipe Gomez
According to an autopsy by a New Mexico Medical Investigator, Alonso died on Monday with the flu.
Officials sayyear-
The old Jaklin Calle Markin, who died three weeks ago, was dehydrated with similar symptoms.
The two children came here with their father from Guatemala and crossed the border illegally.
Their deaths raise new questions about the quality of medical care at the Border Patrol processing center.
But pediatricians in border areas say they have raised similar concerns for years.
"It's not a place for healthy children, not a sick child," said Martha Griffin, a pediatrician at Brownsville, Texas, and a spokeswoman for the American Academy of Pediatrics.
The immigration authorities rarely allow visitors to access processing centers near the border.
But Griffin did come into contact with some of them while doing research for AAP, recalling visiting a facility in South Texas in 2016.
"We went through a bunch of teddy bears and safety blankets that were taken from the kids because they might have abies sore or lice," Griffin said . ".
"The lights are on 24 hours a day.
The children slept on a thin mat on the floor, with only one mai la blanket.
Federal officials say they are scrambling to take care of record numbers of migrant children and families, many of whom have fled Central America to seek asylum in the United StatesS.
"It's devastating for us," said FBI director Kevin mccullinan. S.
The Customs and Border Protection bureau spoke to CBS earlier this week.
"We have more than 1,500 emergency medical technicians.
Training for law enforcement officers.
They are trying every day to protect the people we hold . "
"We do dozens of hospital trips every day with children with fever or other obvious illnesses.
"Up and down the border, volunteer doctors and nurses are also working to take care of migrant parents and children after they are released from federal custody.
"We feel overwhelmed," said Marcela Wash, a nurse in San Diego, who is coordinating medical examinations and immigration care at local shelters.
Wash told the KPBS member station that some of these immigrants were sick when they were released from CBP detention.
"They haven't taken a bath for three or four days, no matter how many days they 've been detained," Wash said . ".
"Some of them had respiratory problems, nausea, vomiting.
Pediatricians say migrant children will benefit from early medical examinations.
"In children, infections or medical conditions can get worse in a few hours," said Carlos Gutierrez, a pediatrician at El Paso . ".
Gutierrez is a member of 24 local doctors and nurses who provide free medical examinations in local shelters.
But only after migrant children and parents are released from Border Patrol detention will they be released within five or six days after they cross the border.
Gutierrez said that when the number of migrant children surged in 2014, local doctors and nurses were allowed to do these checks as soon as they arrived at the border patrol facility.
He hopes to do so again.
"If we see a disaster earlier, we are more likely to prevent it," Gutierrez said . ".
"If we are allowed in, like the deaths of the two children we have heard. . .
They may not happen.
These are unnecessary.
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