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pet color concentrates need no drying. - color pet

by:Cailong     2019-08-15
pet color concentrates need no drying.  -  color pet
The two new color and additive concentrate series of PET are based on a compatible resin carrier and are reported to have eliminated the need for pre-drying due to their low moisture absorption rate.
It is said that they also avoided the decline of I. V.
Dealing with problems (
Screw slipping, throat blockage, layering)
Related to other pet pigments.
They were designed for stretching.
Blow molding, injection molding and sheet extrusion.
* Panilak pet concentrate from Penn color Co. , Ltd.
Dorstown, Pa.
, Is based on eight standard colors of the company's proprietary PETcarrier resin. Containing FDA-
Approved ingredients, they provide bold, transparent colors with a disappointment ratio of 100:1.
These pelletsreportedly are reported to be available at 0.
1% to 4% or more of the problem is not handled. Tel: (800)523-6032 * www. penncolor.
Com * Formula x pet Masterbatch from Ampacet Corp. , Tarrytown, N. Y.
It is reported that it is allowed to use the Pearl and Frost effects that are often difficult for pets to achieve. Tel: (914)631-6600 * www. ampacet. com [
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