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- pet manufacturing process

by:Cailong     2019-08-17
  -  pet manufacturing process
Posted by Jonathan Self: EDT 20: 44 on January 26, 2014 | update: EDT 20: 44 on January 26, 2014, will you feed your family a meal made with condemned beef?
Or spray the children's tea with rotten fat collected from deep layersfat fryer?
Or provide cookies made from empty valley shells swept from the factory floor?
Because that's how we treat our dogs.
The unpleasant fact is that if you process dog food for your dog
Dry, canned, or packed in a bag.
You may be feeding them substances that cause them to be serious and can be fatal injuries.
In this week's Channel 5 documentary, I was one of a number of dog nutrition experts who accused large dog food manufacturers of knowingly shortening the lives of millions of dogs each year.
Large companies selling dog food in the United States use raw materials that are not suitable for human consumption
In my opinion, it is not suitable for dog consumption.
They make huge profits from what would have been thrown away.
This is a consumer scandal waiting to happen.
We all know that our diet is related to health.
The same goes for dogs and other species on Earth.
But what is the best and most physiological diet for dogs?
The food your dog should eat is the food of the Wild Wolf.
If you dissect a dog and a gray wolf, you will find that their digestive system is the same.
These two animals are essentially the same species, and the relationship between them is very close and can be cross-bred.
The gray wolf feeds on prey such as deer, rabbits and mice, and eats everything, including bones, which receive about a third nutrient from the bones.
They also eat fruits and vegetables.
In short, their diet includes raw meat, bones and grass.
Therefore, it is a diet that gives dogs the best health and longevity.
It was not until recently that dog food manufacturers convinced us.
I believe that 9 visits to the vet every 10 times are caused by the dog being fed the wrong diet.
The quality of most dog food ingredients is very low, usually including meat that has deteriorated.
But worst of all, it's cooked and contains a lot of grain.
Cooking kills important enzymes.
Chemicals responsible for thousands of important metabolic processes
In food, changing its structure makes it difficult for dogs to digest.
Grain changes pH (acidity)
The balance of the dog's stomach can also cause health problems.
When dogs eat grain, almost all the food is on one end and on the other.
In short, processed dog food has the same effect on dogs as junk food has on humans.
The manufacturer told you that over time, the canine digestive system has changed and can benefit from the grain, but processed dog food already exists before 153, and it only became popular after the end of World War II.
According to ancient biologists, it takes an average of 100,000 years for a species to adapt to a new eating habit.
Dogs have five teeth but none of them are suitable for grinding food.
Humans have digestive enzymes in their saliva, and we need to chew the food before swallowing it, giving these enzymes a chance to start breaking down the food.
Dogs can't chew like this because they can't move the chin from one side to the other.
All of their digestive processes occur in the stomach.
You may think that your dog eats in a big gulp because of greed, but they are just trying to get the food to all the places where digestion happens as soon as possible.
If you believe in TV commercials, advertisements and labels, processed food is the only safe thing to feed a dog.
It has nothing but "natural good" and has been "scientifically formulated" and recognized by experts.
But a good way to learn about the dog food industry is to study its history.
Modern dog food was invented by James Spratt, who introduced the first complete dog food
Biscuits made of wheat, vegetables and animal blood
In the UK in 1860.
The Miller thinks its potential is a way to sell what they don't wantproducts (
Basically floor raffle)and low-cost meat off-
Cut at a higher price than before.
From day one, dog food producers have made extravagant claims for their products and paid veterinary fees for the endorsement.
There has been little change in more than 150 years.
There is quite a bit of legislation in the UK and Europe to control the production of dog food, but from the guidance given to pet food manufacturers, this sentence shows how little the government cares about the dog itself: for pets, in setting the maximum allowable level of bad substances, the main part of the risk assessment is usually the extent to which animals can tolerate bad substances.
In other words, if there is no direct damage to animals in dog food, it is legal to use "bad substances" in dog food.
Another disturbing reference in the same guide is: animal source materials used by the pet food industry include animal parts that are considered to be overconsumed by humans or that are not normally consumed by the British.
"This allows manufacturers
Products such as hoof, tail, testicles and ears.
The manufacturing process itself is the stomach. churning.
Eat dog food or dry dog food.
Ingredients (
Mainly corn and minced meat)
It is heated to a very high temperature and becomes a gray covering.
It tastes so bad that it has to spray fat to make it delicious for dogs.
Dogs that eat natural, raw foods can have a longer life expectancy and fewer illnesses.
This diet includes meat bones, lean meat and internal organs in chicken, lamb, beef, rabbit and pork; eggs;
Cheese, farm cheese, yogurt, milk and butter;
There are also fatty fish such as green fish, salmon and sardines.
There are plants and root vegetables such as spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and wind protection.
Fresh and dried fruit
But not grapes.
It is also an excellent part of the original diet.
Feeding your dog in this way also helps to solve behavioral problems.
Processed food (
Dry, canned or packed in bags)
It can make dogs overactive, sleepy and fidgety.
Dogs on a natural diet are calmer, more attentive, easier to train and usually perform better.
They have fewer diseases, longer lives, better smells, and less waste.
I didn't give my own dog Honey processed food until five years ago when an enlightened vet told me that I was shortening her life and explaining what she was supposed to eat.
After she turned to a natural diet, I was very surprised by her health differences and I started doing this for my friend's dog.
Now, the company I named after her, Honey's, feeds 3,000 dogs a month.
Today, instead of feeding her processed food, I asked my child to eat junk food and carbonated drinks for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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