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photoshop terms a to z – glossary of the letter “c” - heat transfer film

by:Cailong     2019-07-16
photoshop terms a to z – glossary of the letter “c”  -  heat transfer film
Cache: an area of the hard disk that stores information about thumbnails, metadata, and ranking information in the image.
CAD cutter: CAD cutter uses hot film to make full color printing at 600 dpi or higher.
Using resin cartridges, this may be similar to the ribbon cartridges you may use with Alps and similar printers.
The printer/cutter automatically prints and cuts the design and you can peel it off and apply it to the substrate using a heat transfer.
In order to purchase the correct ink and film, you have to read the documentation of the tool.
Calibration: bring devices such as monitors, scanners, or printers to the absolute standard of ensuring device consistency.
Calibration is especially necessary when the file is passed from one person to another;
Compared to what you see on your computer, what customers see on their computer may be significantly different from what the service bureau sees on their computer.
Calibration bar: select this option to print 11-when printing-
Step grayscale step wedges move from 0% black to 100% black in 10% increments.
Center crop mark: print the mark that the image should be trimmed.
If you use the slide machine to print images for presentation for packaging design work, these markers are also useful, or for any other type of work that requires a fully aligned CMYK print output.
Channels: channels are located in the Channel palette and when color patterns are selected and determined based on the colors in the image, channels are created automatically.
For example, there are three channels in RGB mode: red, green and blue.
Clear: this command enables you to delete the selection without having to put it on the clipboard.
It is similar to the Cut command.
Make sure there are multiple layers in the image, you have selected the layer to use from the layers palette.
Clone Stamp tool: Allows you to copy any area in the image and "draw" the area in any other part of the image. Clip art: Non-
Can be a photographic graphic image in the form of a vector or bitmap.
Images in a Clipart collection are often classified by type, such as animals, vehicles, monuments, people, borders, edges, etc.
These images can be edited, colored, and resized according to the user's requirements.
CMYK mode: create the color mode of the color using cyan, magenta, yellow and black.
The CMYK mode assigns colors to pixels in percentages, which are determined by the ink used (
And configured in the color setting).
The color values range from 0 to 100%.
For example, blue-green may have 51% cyan, 4% magenta, 19% yellow and 0% black.
You can see these numbers in the information palette.
All zeros produce pure white.
Color range: the range of colors that a specific color pattern can print.
The RGB color gamut can produce more than 16 million colors, while the CMYK color gamut produces much less colors.
Gamut is also a color range that the system can print or display.
For more "C" terms, see the next article in this series.
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