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'pizza pocket' hoodie debuts for pizza lovers on the go - metalized film

by:Cailong     2019-07-13
\'pizza pocket\' hoodie debuts for pizza lovers on the go  -  metalized film
True pizza lovers will reluctantly admit that sacred dishes are not the easiest food to eat on the journey, making a new "pizza pocket" hoodie smarter.
Earlier this week,
The official pre called "pizza pocket hoodie-
Launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.
Touted by US userScrapTown as "the first hoodie in the world that can hold pizza cleanly while keeping it warm and close to your heart", blue, male and female universal hoodie featuring cartoon graphics of pizza slices, located in real
The wearer's living pocket is filled with delicious, cheesy food.
President Trump and Kim Jong Un ate pear kimchi and chocolate lava cake at a "social dinner. At the same time, manufacturers of funny looks say there is nothing funny about the thoughtful design of the product.
"The insulated bag is removable and can be cleaned by hand and can hold as many slices as possible.
The description page of the hoodie reads: "The flap of the bag contains embedded magnets to help keep the heat and the warmth of the pizza . ".
"There are three layers of bag design.
Outer polyester layer, intermediate foam layer and internal metal film layer.
The combination of these layers helps keep pizza warm for hours.
"On Wednesday afternoon, as we look for more Fox Lifestyle news on FACEBOOK, the campaign has raised $1,715 from 28 supporters of the 5g target, with 29 days left.
If the target is met, the product will be shipped in June.
If this product is successful, pizza pie lovers will be happy to fashion their own little "Pizza Paradise" wherever they go ".
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